Any ideas or tips on how to grow sativa indoor?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“In cultivating sativa indoor grow, do you any ideas or tips on how to grow sativa indoor? I have a grow box, not finally done, but in progress. I’ve searching in YouTube regarding indoor grow sativa, but majority of the indoor grow is indica. I don’t know what is the exact temperature for sativa.”

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If your growing sativa in a small box, your gonna want to top and/or fim to make it more bushy and keep the height to a minimum… you can also super crop which will keep height down as well as tying them down to train them to be short from a young age. For temperature any plant will enjoy 75°f lights on and 65°f lights out. Depending on how small your space is u might wanna consider a indica


Sativa s grow great inside, just like indica. Grow it the same way.