Any ideas on what happend?

I’ve been trying to get another plant to sprout and start growing, but I’m having troubles.

The last Auto WW just seemed to stop growing shortly after sprouting.
It sprouted in my grow box.

It was a week old, so when I finally pulled it, it only had 1 tap root that was about 3/4th of in intch long…

So, I put another seed in a rapid rooter and tried again.

This last one sprouted, so I moved it to a window to give it some light.

The next day, I moved the rapid rooter into the grow box to give it a little better light.

I figured I’d give it a day or 2 of growth before planting it in the Pro mix soil.
As far as I could tell, everything was going ok.

A few hours ago I opened the grow box, and it had completely layed over, and looks like the stem had shrank even…

What could be going on?

Bugs, did I some how over watter, ETC?

I can’t tell anything by the picture but I wouldn’t grow in sunlight at all, just complicates things and makes more ways for things to go wrong. I would stay in the grow box / room

How’s the other one doing?

It’s not clear from the photo, but here’s something to read, maybe damping off?

Hmm, I didn’t know putting it in the window would really matter.

I just posted pics of the blueberry to the other thread. :slight_smile:

Hmm, I guess it’s possible.

What I’m not sure about if it was indeed damping off,
it was just in a rapid rooter…

So, does this mean my rapid rooters have went bad perhaps?

They are in a ziplock bag, and are moist… maybe mold has started growing?

I hope not! lol
I have another Auto Blueberry that I just put in a rapid rooter to see how it does.

So far the White Widdows aren’t giving me any luck, so maybe this Auto Blueberry will take off. :slight_smile:

Yes, in fact it can kill it if it’s never been exposed and all of a sudden gets too much there’s a process called hardening off that must be done to all vegetables and plants

The sun is a fine line to walk, I feel it’s best to just keep it under the lights you’re going to use …I said that in another thread earlier today too !? LOL

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Huh… well I’ll be…

I never thought putting it in a window with week sun would do that…

I’ll just put the next sprout in the grow box and try that again.

Ahh! There’s the information! Weak sun would cause it to stretch and that could cause it to fall over, and I think someone else said damping off already too

I can’t see the picture but that’s very likely what happened now that you mention that. Do yourself a favor just keep them under the steady grow light, keep everything steady and constant that’s what these plants like !


When it was in the grow box, it was standing on it’s own just fine. Everything looked good actually…

Then, next day, it looked like the stem had shriveled, and was like a limp thread…

I’m guessing damping off for now.

I just hope I can get it figured out, and another plant growing soon.

Here is a thought. Is there any chance that the rapid rooters could have absorbed something while in storage ? You may have bought them new but just a thought. I’ve never had good luck with the peat things that swell up, same symptom as you. I just figured the ph of them was not good or something. I’m sure that I was doing something wrong cause others have good luck. (I’m far from a pro)

When using the rapid rooters you should soak them over night in pHed water, that way you won’t be wondering “was it my rapid rooter?”. I think damping off is your problem, as well as stretching from weak sunlight. They want good light even as a seedling, just not intense light when a seedling.

It’s why most people will keep seedlings under a T5 or CFLs, they give good light but it’s not intense at all so your lights can be very close to your seedlings, helping to avoid the stretch problem.

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Not my topic but thanks for that info.

I don’t think so, but it is possible.

I have the bag of rapid rooters stored in a closed ziplock bag… Stored in a cabinet.
I’m wondering if that was a good idea, seeing how the rapid rooters are wet, and it being closed… maybe it’s molding?

I agree with treez on the rapid rooters, I think they’re great for clones but I don’t use them for seeds anymore, I didn’t have very good luck. I use a 50/50 perlite vermiculite mix in 2 inch pots

I also soak my rapid rooters in pH’ed water, but not overnight, just a few minutes, I’ll be using them tonight to take some clones from a super cheese and a skunk#1, I’ll soak them in my super-secret cloning mix LOL!
-good luck

Edit: it’s a super secret mix only because I can’t remember exactly what I put in it the first time LOL :wink:


I will be sure to try this next time!

I’m also considering just skipping the rapid rooter, and placing the seed directly in the soil mix…

Not sure though.


Everything I’ve read, if it’s not sterile, there are molds and fungi present…in the air, on stuff…waiting to take advantage of conditions beneficial to them. It happens.

Leaving wet rooters sitting in the dark could be the start of a science fair project, good they are cheap and unloved :wink:

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I like mine directly in soil. A little plastic wrap secured over the top until I see the seed popping and then let’er rip!

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I have recently learned that the ph of peat is quite low. Roots cannot uptake what they need unless you raise the ph.

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