Toss Em?

Not looking for smart remarks…just wondering if this baby is dead…
Only reason I haven’t tossed her is because she has root…

Might need a bit of h2o. Hard to tell from blurry picture, but rapid rooter looks dry to my blind behind…

Seedlings will droop if lacking moisture; After adding a bit, plant could come back, maybe.

Is that dumb enough for you? :smiley: Peace

Sorry, I would say it’s dead. If it didn’t look so dried out on the embryonic leaves and had some other healthy leaves, with a real healthy root it might come back. You can try and give it some help and mist the top of it, but more likely than not you are going to end up watching the root start to slowly die and decompose, eventually.

If it hasn’t recovered after watering I’d say it’s a loss, but give it a day out of strong light that may dehydrate the top further.

Sorry Sari,

It’s dead move on. Wsh you better luck next time. Think of the bright side. You only lost 4-5 days.

Hey, this is something else to consider, the only reason I didn’t suggest this before is it seemed you were saying it still had healthy roots, but anyway this is likely your problem and luckily for you, Robert just got up an article addressing this problem:

I would say the two most likely culprits contributing to this problem, assuming all other things like PH and EC/TDS/PPM are in a safe range, would be water temps too high and not enough aeration in the bubbler setup.

Oh, also fresh sprouts shouldn’t get too intense of light too soon, that can also kinda kill the top while leaving a healthy root below.