Any advice on blue dream autoflower?

This is my first time growing and this is my 7 week old blue dream auto. And I was looking for any advice, to me it is looking small compared to the other 7 week old plants I have seen. Dose anyone have any suggestions?

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She’s looking for more light.


Definitely need more light!


Like @oldmarine said light is not enough to that plant I had a autos seeds and from all I just started see small plant but no that small and I had 150w fullspetrum light

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This is a small plant in 7 weeks

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Tag me went you plant progress I had some blue dreams autos seeds and I want to started but I don’t had space now I want to see the color went is full mature

Okay thank you for your advice, I will definitely tag you with an update

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Thanks @Aiden1121 welcome to the community

I just had some blue dreams autos but now I’m in sour diesel autos until my girls mature

For the future that’s how look a autoflower
Plant with 150w light

Those look really good! How did the blue dream end up turning out? I plan on adding more light to mine rn I’m using 60W CFL bulbs.

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I don’t grown blue dreams I order the seeds and I just get so I go to try in my next grow so far you go to tell me lol cuz from now I just go to finished 2 more sour diesel

Oh okay :joy: I will let you know.

She has to much stretch u need a better light

And u want to train ur plant

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