Another “look at my leaves” post

Hey all. On day 26 of my auto Bruce Banner hydro grow. Plant has looked a bit stressed to me for a good 14 days. Leaves are a bit light green and veins are dark green. Some lower leaves have browned, curled up and died. Funny looking at a leave chart and to my untrained eye looks like it couple be multiple deficiencies, Nitrogen, Zinc, Sulfer or Iron. Lol

All temp, ph and ppm have been steady and where they belong.

I and doing a water change today but wanted to see if the community had any input on what may be going on here.

Not familiar with hydro but maybe @Mark0427 could help? He’ll probably end more info.

Here’s a chart on some id’ing.

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I’m nor sure I would worry about issues on the lower leaves, but the plant seems a little young for that to me.

Are you adding a nutrient product that contains micronutrients? It kind of looks like an iron deficiency in that first pic.

@Myfriendis410 is a great hydro guy that may have seen this before.

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I wouldn’t sweat that one leaf. Although there appears to be some interveinal chlorosis which may be fixed with some cal mag (or more than currently being used). Plants could also see a higher salt level IMO.


Thanks for the info. I should have but my nutrient use in the op sorry about that.

I am using CalMag, GH Flora trio and hydroguard. I believe I only added 2ml per gallon of the calmag. So if can you that when doing my water change shortly.

Based on what I was just reading on Chlorosis and what was reading stated Nitrogen deficiency seems to be the most prevalent cause. Stated I should increase my EC by .2 points since nutrients are high in Nitrogen.

Can you elaborate what you meant about the salts in your last sentence.

Thanks all!

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It looks like you need to bump up your nutes (increase salts). Not knowing where you are at I’d suggest no higher (with the GH trio) than around 900 ppm (1.9 EC) or so.


Thanks @Myfriendis410 for the info. I am entering week 4. Have had ppm around 950 but that was with a base water of around 120. So 830 adjusted. The schedule I have been going off of says to target between 1000-1200. I am going to up my cal mag this round tho to 5ml per gallon.

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Your plant may want a higher salt solution than some others: it happens. Had a GDP last year that maintained yellow throughout the entire grow, for example.


so I wanted to throw this out there as I posted this quandary on a reddit board. One responder is very adamant that it is due to overfeeding and is suggesting that I dump the rez and just refill with ph’d water for 2 days. Then slowly start adding nutrients starting at a target of 400ppm and then working up to 2/3 strength at the end of a week. he “guarantee they will look better”.

so wanted to get input as this is opposite what many have responded with here.

Thanks for the feedback guys and gals. Its quite the journey.