And yet another first grow

Hello all,

Not a typical grower, but due to a family members medical condition, I’ve decided to chance it and started an indoor grow. I’m growing in organic soil that I bought from a big box store. Right now I’m only growing several Super Skunk plants as it seemed to have the correct effects my family member needed. The oldest is right at 5 weeks, and I assume she is doing well. She is just under 2 feet tall and bushy. No nutes have been given, just correct pH water. I have noticed a few leaves have yellow spots, but otherwise she seems to be doing great. I’ve read through many of the comments and have soaked up as much info as possible. My plan is to just continue watering and monitoring. Any advice is appreciated.


Hello and welcome here! I am first time grower, too, so take this for what it is worth and I am sure the veteran growers will have some idea of what is going on. I am just going to relate my grow as it started out very similar. Tent grow, some were in AutoPots and some in soft pots. I did not do nutes for a good while as I had planted in FF Happy Frog. Then Coco Loco in the AutoPot system. When I noticed the spotting similar to that I learned that it was a calcium magnesium deficiency from using distilled water, which is common. I used General Hydroponics CaliMagic and that cleared it all up. I also keep track of pH daily and keep it in the correct range. For the most part used silica as a pH up, working double duty to also strengthen stems, I also have GH ph Up to use when needed but am finding once I get in that sweet spot, which for the AutoPot system (and I just drain off that to feed the plants not in an hydroponic) I keep it right at 6 pH and find that I rarely have pH drift…

All that to say, you may need to get some calcium magnesium for your plants. Since I starting using GH CaliMagic and have had no problems since then.

Best of luck on your grow! I am having a blast with mine. It is a challenging but I like that.


Looks good, tag me if you need more help. Welcome to the community.

Thanks for the info.

Will do, thanks.

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