An update on GG and many thanks

Just wanted to post an update photo. No more yellowing. Amazing bud stacking. Took larf off for the past week every few days and smoked it (thanks @Tylersays for encouraging me not to waste :rofl: ).

I can’t believe I grew this amazing weed. My husband of very few words said “good job” like ten times as he raided the snack pantry. :rofl: :cookie:

I’m sure it will get more refined and flavorful as the weeks pass. I have stopped feeding, only using clear water to run off. I’ll probably turn lights out on the 16th, chop on the 18th, and happily commit myself to trim jail on 4/20 or so. I really hate dry trimming and that was just larf. :roll_eyes:


beautiful plant

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@Never_Legendary Very nice lollipop ping and defoliating, turned out some excellent cola structuring!!

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