Amount of Stretch Manifold vs No Training

Hello All,

Since my first grow a couple years ago I have always manifolded my plants. I run them in vegetation until they are half the height of my target finished height then flip them to 12/12.

For the most part my plants double or almost double in height. Here is the grow I am on now. One plant hit 90% stretch the other two a lil less. 100% would be double. My Haze hit 18" way before the other two so they started the stretch a lot shorter. Didn’t affect the rate of stretch though.

If I didn’t manifold them and just grew one main cola will they stretch more? I was considering it on my next grow but don’t want to run out of vertical room in my space.

I look forward to your comments…


I don’t know the answer. I suspect one main stem will out stretch 8 branches forced to grow in unison.
My question is are you going to strip bare the bottom 75% of the plant. Hard for the bottom to produce much when it is four feet from the light.

Or, are you going the LST route?


Thanks for the reply @beardless. That is sorta why I would like to do a grow and see how they do unmolested. I am not a heavy smoker so my three plants produce way more than I can consume and give away to friends.

I know the yield wont be as good. For me half the fun of this hobby is experimenting and learning.

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I feel the same way. I don’t even partake.
I wonder if they stretch as much if grown horizontally Vs vertically.

“I know the yield wont be as good. For me half the fun of this hobby is experimenting and learning.”
I hear ya! Since I grow mainly for myself ( I do share with some friends and family) I’m more into quality than quantity… One of my experiments last season was to grow in a later part of the season (I’m outdoor) It was cooler and later then my normal season…and guess what? The plant turned out to be a winner! Really full of terps and trichs…great graph by the way reminds me of a horsepower/torque dyno graph for engines…

I am growing three like I always do. She is OG Kush; she stretched 83% or 10" giving her a final height of 22". For reference that is a 3 gallon container.

She lost the lowest two pairs of leaves but has been fairly healthy her whole life.

From the very start of vegetation the tips of her fan leaves all bent down at 90 degrees. I am thinking too much nitrogen by I am terrible at troubleshooting leaves.

Her sugar leaves look very nice though

She has lots of orange pistils

And cloudy trichomes

The most curious thing is she is only 33 days from 12/12. It will be interesting to see what she looks like in another 7 days or less than 6 weeks total.

Even more curious is last grow my two white widow plant finished way early, less than 6 weeks…

One last cool picture