Amnesia Haze First Time Grow

Hello fellow Growers,

I’ve been growing one of the Amnesia Haze seeds that I ordered from I <3 Growing Marijuana and I wanted to share the joy and experience with you. Let’s start with the basics:

Growing kit:

1 x customized armoire 4x2x5’ (48x24x60") that I bought for $50
1 x Apollo Horticulture GL45LED 135Watts
1 x iPower 4" inline Fan (Exhaust)
1 x iPower 4" Carbon Filter
1 x 8’ Duct 4"
1 x Active Air ACSC Duct Fan Speed Adjuster
2 x Cooler Master 120mm Computer Fan (Intake)
1 x 3 gal plant pot
1 x Clip Fan 8"
1 x Acurite Digital Humidity and Temperature Monitor
1 x Apollo Horticulture GLRP18 Pair of 1/8" Adjustable Ropes
1 x Electronic Timer Outlet
1 x Fox Farm Ocean Forest Organic Soil
1 x Fox Farm Organic Liquid Nutrient Trio: Big Bloom, Grow Big, Tiger Bloom
1 x Espoma PR8 Organic Perlite
1 x General Hydroponics Ph Control Kit
1 x Amnesia Haze Feminized Seed from I Love Growing Marijuana


  • Temperature: 79 ℉
  • Humidity: 56%
  • Water Ph: 6.2 (I buy filtered water 5 gal/$1, local water contains Chlorine and other additives I don’t want on my plant so better be safe than sorry)
  • Vegetative stage light schedule: 18/6
  • Flowering stage light schedule: 12/12

Feeding schedule

  • I’m using the Soil Feeding Schedule by Fox Farms
  • I started feeding after week 3 because I don’t have prior experience feeding smaller plants. Didn’t want to kill the plant at an early stage because of any mistake I could make.
  • Feeding twice a week. I use the top of the soil as a reference to tell when I should water again. Usually when it’s about 1/2 to 1 inch dry.

The Blueprints:

Grow Armoire:

  • I’m looking for the blue print design I made. Will post image soon!

Intake System:

  • Wood
  • 2 x 120mm computer fans
  • 1 Air Vent 14x14 in
  • 1 Air Filter 14x14 in

Some basic facts about my growing tent:

  • Originally I bought VIPARSPECTRA 300W LED Grow Light but the room temperature raises to 81 ℉ and the plant gets stressed. I don’t want to raise the speed of the exhaust fan because it makes too much noise and I wouldn’t like the property manager getting bothered by vibration noises running all night long.
  • I used the paper towel method to germinate the seed and the root grew a lot. By accident I broke the root tip but I went ahead and gave it a try.
  • I didn’t take note of the start date so I’m using February/15/2017 as a reference which is when I ordered the soil and nutrients. This could be off by a couple days. Sorry about that.
  • Feel free to make any corrections in the language I use to describe my pictures :smiley:


I placed the seed in a wet paper towel and left over night in a dark place inside of my grow armoire. I kept checking everyday the progress of the seedling.


One thing I noticed is that my seedling didn’t stretch that much. The light was in the right spot.



I noticed the plant reacted to the light being to close, for that reason the leafs were folding upwards. I moved the light a couple inches up. Also noticed seed wasn’t centered.


This plant is growing so fast!


Here you can start to see the problems of not filling the pot all the way to the top and also not centering the plant. This plant is starting to get ready for transplant. Also I splashed some water on the leafs and didn’t dry it, that caused those little brown spots in some leafs.


Never expected this plant to grow that fast. I’m very excited with the results. I did have other growing attempts in the past but I was never able to get past this size.

I transplanted to a 3 gallon plant pot that my friend gave me for free. Previously, I was using a plant pot from Walmart but I noticed the plants tend to get sick when you use those, so stay away from those cheap colorful plant pots. Better be safe than sorry.

I also performed some pruning on the plant. Check out the results:

Before pruning:

After pruning:

Some notes about the pruning experience:

  • Pruning stops the growing on your plants for a day or two and also stresses them a little. Go easy on it.
  • I used office scissors, so you can appreciate the poor quality of my work in the picture. First timer here.
  • I <3 Growing Marijuana has some amazing Pruning guides that I used to learn how to do it:
  • This one is my favorite, Pruning Marijuana Plants
  • Another guide, How to Prune Marijuana Plants - 7 Tips


I’m very happy I didn’t stop myself from pruning. It was a wonderful experience. Look at the results!


I think the most important thing about the pruning process is learning to understand the language of your plant. The more time you spend with the plant the more you’ll learn about how far you can go.

Before pruning:

After pruning:




On this date I performed topping on the plant. I don’t have a clear picture to show the result. I removed the 5th. set of leaves and above.

I did some Low Stress Training (LST) on the plant and also added some stickies. Saw some gnarls roaming around and wanted to catch them.


Look at those shiny flowers!


Plant looks very healthy after topping!


Pistils keep getting that radioactive looking! I love growing Amnesia Haze!

This date also marks the start of the flowering stage and when I switch my lights to the 12/12 schedule.


Is it starting to snow in my grow tent or what? :smiley:



Buds starting to form! Smell is mild.


The trichome wizard is in da haus!








It’s been a long way here! At this point I’m feeling a little lost about when I should perform the harvest. Here’s a picture of the trichomes, it’s a little blurry.


Buds are getting bigger! I’m now only feeding Big Bloom and Tiger Bloom. Using 1/3 of what the Soil Schedule specifies because I noticed some nutrient burn on the leafs. Planning to keep it in flowering for another 2 1/2 weeks and after that I will harvest!

I’ll keep working on this post and adding more information! What do you think about my plant? Leave your comments below! Thank you for keeping up with the post!


Welcome to IGLM… Good luck and happy growing :slight_smile:

Thank you @B345T ! I’m very excited to share my first experience growing!

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Very nice journal and grow :slight_smile:

great journal. I am an amnesia haze fan. if you harvest a little early you will get a real trippy high. You look close to me but not quite there.

Very nice indeed! Welcome!

@Donaldj Thank you! I appreciate your words!

I’m looking forward to experience the psychedelic properties of the Amnesia Haze! :smiley: Planning to give it another 2 weeks.

Thank you for the warm welcome!

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The is nicely done and I hope mine look like that when they get all big and pretty. Can I be a lil jealous here and you not hold against me? Lol but keep it up

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I’m sure they will! The more love you put into this, the better they grow! I won’t hold anything against :smiley: