Amnesia Haze (FA) turned out well! *also got next seeds in 5 days!

Still fine tuning my grow, as said in another thread here Marijuana is nothing at all like growing tomatoes, or say Chili Peppers (favorite of mine).

I found the Haze plants a lot different from the Jack Herer I tried out on my first grow, and of course have been through some ups and downs. One bunch of plants (my second grow) got ruined by heat - I know that must have been what did them in. But as I grow, I also grow confidence both in what I am doing and the plants themselves.

“BLUE HAZE” will be next, and as above mentioned the seeds almost seemed to get here BEFORE I ordered them they got here so fast! I was not expecting them for weeks.

This is fun…

~and just as a suggestion, maybe ILGM can make some Christmas Cards with a big indoor pot plant growing in a container with Christmas decorations all over it like a tree, little gifts and boxes around beneath it, and the message: “MERRY CANNABIS!” in bright cheery letters across it… :sunglasses:

  • Regarding BLUE Haze: When I saw the picture of it I decided I just had to see them grow
  • It’s a ‘plant person’ thing…