Amnesia Haze at 3 and 1/2 weeks

Please assess these ladies and tell me what to do now. Should I top? Transplant to bigger pots? Plants are pretty dense so I don’t know if topping required. I’m kind of scared of changing much. First time grow. Is less more?


What size pots do you have them in now? The reason behind topping & or fimming is to create two or three main colas instead of the one. Most growers top or fim after the 4th or 5th set of true leaves. Its not necessary but your yeild will improve.


1 gallon pots. Three plants.

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Gonna need bigger pots. Photos need @ least a 5 gallon pot. I just finished up an amnesia. Its my am smoke. For nighttime i use an indica dominant. Also just finishrd up bananna kush, skywalker & la confidential.

I agree with Laurap I would be very careful and Transplant into 5 gallon cloth pots. If not they will get rootbound and stop growing. Good luck

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Those ladies look lovely though. Transplant and keep doing whatever you are doing

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Toppping and fimming are so easy once you do it. Literally pluck the first one and the second one (5 seconds later) you will think this is so easy.

OK. Being new. I’m thinking of letting this (topping) ride. Next grow I’ll try my hand at this. The plants are really full right now. Knock on wood I don’t think they could be much better. Fingers crossed, I don’t screw this up.

Operating under principal that less is more.

Thanks @PurpNGold74

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