Am I missing anything?

Hey…I’ve been using fox farm for years and switched to technaflora this past year…I’m going back to fox farm…my question is once they start to flower…I would use open sesame…beasty bloom and finally Cha-ching …should I be using anything more for nutrients? Thanks so much

I follow this schedule… sort of… I flower much longer and start week 2 of the schedule around week 5 of Veg. The concentrations on the schedule will most likely cause really high PPM, I cut back until I get the PPM listed.

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Make sure your grow schedule is using the same scale to measure TDS: a lot of the FF stuff is published on a 700 scale. If you used their numbers without conversion you can burn your plants.

This only gets used for a week or so IIRC and is a big P, K jolt.

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planted 10 gorilla glue 7 came up 6 died about 1 inch tall do not no why the one that lived as several buds but only the size of a dime

Thank you so much! Happy growing😊