Am I doing this right?

@Bassface that’s not too bad of a RH at 40% but if you ran a Co2 generator with just 4 cup of sugar to 2 packs of dry fasting yeast it would help raise the moisture in there by another 20% where you would like it , but with autos after the third to fourth week the plant will really start to take off and transpire enough water vapor to help your humidity .

Personally I keep mine 6.3-6.5, I think 5.8 is too low for ffof

@Paranorman you think Low 6 is a better PH range , cause I have like 3 cups of FFOF , with like 8 cups of CoCo Coir , 2 cups of Fox Farm potting soil in the red bag with 50% perlite and a 1/4 cup of crushe dolomite lime mixed thoroughly in my pots and my PH now is at 6.03 and PPM 0780 , but tonight I’m getting ready to feed a full measured of nutrients , and add 2.5 ml of bloom and a scoop of Open Seseme to start my pre flower transition to flower and PH 6.2 and PPM at around 1,000 , what you think ?