Almost there ! Tricome state

ok I’m real close to flushing for 2 days with ph balanced water but the tricomes are white with a few amber trichomes showing. When should I start flushing and getting ready to cut down to dry??


If your trichs are mostly cloudy and some amber showing then you should probably go ahead and start water only. Difficult to know 100% when to start water only, it’s always the hard part for me to decide. Depends on how much amber you’re wanting. But you are definitely in the window to start flushing the nutrients out of soil.

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Thanks for the info friend !

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Lookin pretty :+1: not sure if you need these but can’t hurt to show em to the others who visit here they might

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Thanks so much, this will definitely help !!

You’re welcome, if you don’t have a way to magnify your trichomes you can download an app on your phone I have one called “cozy magnifier and microscope” it’s not great but you can see and photograph them with it.

Edit = forgot to add one thing, judge trichomes on the buds not on leaves

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Awesome thanks