All this plant took me through, it came back to life outside, but

Is this thing trying to go into flower? Is this a male? I checked on it, and what the pics show, is what i found. Everyone here helped me bring it back to life. I took it from indoor to inground outdoor. So this is what i found so far. Please help me. They through me for a loop. Just some random seeds from a bad i bought. From all i have read here and by googling, i came up with its a male, yal know more, can yal tell me.

Got pics? :joy::joy::+1:t5::+1:t5:

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Was trying to add them, i dont see the icon…

I found the icon. Sorry im on my cell, and the icon was out of the frame. If you need better pics, i can go snap some more. I was asking, because it just came back to life, but i planted it on 8/22, you saw all my other messages and was one of who helped me, by encouraging me not to give up. It was not dead after all😉. So i put it in the ground. It came back fairly quick. Now its doing something new. I dont think my other one is going to come back is it? Look at it please, can i just clone, cut, replant? Idk something. I know i sound dumfounded… Well i am… bbut im not ashamed, bc im gon stick with i💗growing marijuana, n i know yal will get me better, and on point. Here is the pic of the other… Can i clone it somehow? all of thats gone too💔 smh

Sorry… thats a boy

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Yep first ones a male, with some care the other might come back. Good luck man

Thanks sooo much, but im a Lady 2… :dancer::wink:. Anyhoo with the weather breaking but, not cold yet, we still have 80 degree days… mostly shady, n 55 to 60 degree nights… So what do males do? Produce seeds only? Or can i use cuttings for hash making?

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Males produce pollen, which when put in contact with a female makes seeds.

Awwww i knew it… so i learned a lil… :woozy_face:,but can the other pathetic looking one was planted on the same day, but started getting those funny looking one leaf new growths, the growth just stopped all together. The last pic was how it looked last week. All those leav3s turned brown… sum of the new growth was still green, but it stunted bad, but dont seem to be dead.

these lil ones popped up too 3days ago. Should i move them inside? i am amazed, this was planted a while back on the 30th of august but is so stunted, it is nnow trying to get some new growth though. I dont give up, oh. One day, i will have a great thriving plant… :sunglasses: i hope. Like all of you. been in the ground a month, i just left it alone… our fitst rain in 27 days came in and it started growing new leaves. Idk. Please help. All advice n help is appreciate.

Ok we gotta find a way to make sure everyone knows u have pistils and not pollen sacks :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

But hmmm. Do u have sufficient indoor lighting to grow inside? And wherein the country are u?

We went a month without a drop and got 5-6 inches yesterday as well. Crazy! But down south we can almost grow year round. Other places the temps are dropping QUICKLY… maybe tough to start em up at this point. Then they may not finish.

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@PurpNGold74 I love growing down South. Best time to grow is just kicking off for where I am at. But I don’t wait as I grow 24/7 all year round. Of course I can’t grow outdoor and that is fine. Less problems.

We hit for our low the other day at 50 and the next day it hit almost 78 for our low.

Our low for the fall so far should be tomaro at 48… its 70 and quite breezy now

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We are abnormally low for this time of year. It can still hit 100 degrees. But I’ll take the extra cold weather for my grow room. I’ll have to adjust the time on how much the window ac in the room.