All sprouted april 1st/ end of may behind? New grower here

These seem to be a little behind to me for being 2 months old big smooth and grease monkey photo. Indoor now but have been hardening them off for outdoor. Ph water to 6.5 ff of and hf blend. Just transplanted them last week and the one on the right already has roots showing in the bottom holes in pot.


Two months old ? :grimacing: what light are u using?

Undersized is an understatement.
The large one looks to be a little less than month old. The other way less than that. Have they been in cold conditions for extended periods? It is like they have been hibernating. They also look hungry.

This plant is 61 days and topped twice

After a little defoliating and arranging

Get the plants warm, crank up the light and feed them. You need to turn up their respiratory engine.


@beardless does it again. He knows stuff. What light are they getting?


They started out in the window and got way too much light as they were yellowing. Lately they have been growing decently. But I definitely stunted them by watering too much at first. They just got a fresh transplant a week ago so I haven’t fed just cal mag+ and I have a FECiDA 600W Dimmable LED Grow Light CR600 on about 40% to keep the dli and ppfd in the 300’s as for temp usually around 70 I don’t have my grow room set up yet so it’s been a challenge to keep my garage warm

The largest one sprouted around April 15th give or take a few days. I forgot I popped a seed because it didn’t sprout for a couple and it’s doing the best with good roots and growth

Oh I didn’t mention it’s not a very strong light 65 watts input power should I rase it up and turn it up?

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65w low. Fire it up. Also temps closer to 80 will speed them up. If photo they will get faster once in the sun.


It’s been nice enough lately they have been outside getting sun. I started them early hoping to get a good start before summer. Weather didn’t agree this year. The 2 middle ones I’ve thought about discarding as I haven’t seen any kind of growth in them for quite a while

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Also should I feed? They were just transplanted last weekend in happy frog and ocean forest.

I would wait the little ones out. They can surprise you.

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I wouldn’t think you’d have to feed just looking at them. But, at their age, maybe some sort of seedling booster would help. I’m a super newbie though – so listen to the pros.

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Well I gave them a 1/4 dose of ff grow big and bloom big. 500 ppm feeding I guess we will see if they burn or not

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Hello they should not need fed for at least 4 weeks. The Fox Farm has enough in it for that long. Happy Growing :blush::v:

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plants do their own thing but yea those are behind, i sprouted a moby dick auto in april sometime(cant remember exact day rn lol) and here is what she looks like-was topped 3 times, 2 of which were after pistils formed

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I’m guessing lack of light & low temps.

@goldiemouth270 nice overview