All but 2 seeds have grown to 2 inches and died

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“I had order Gold Leaf and White Widow, and all but 2 seeds have grown to 2 inches and died. I followed ILGMs instructions and all but 2 have died. I did not plant the last 2 as of yet, I’m a little afraid too, since everything died. Planted inside not outside, temp and lighting was good and they got so high and died. Any advice will help.”

Too much water, too hot, too cold not enough water. Wrong pH of water. Not enough light, too much light bugs? Hard to say. Could be any of those and more.

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soil ph! go spent $10 on a 12lb bag of eartworm castings. And never nutrient feed your seedlings till they are at least a month old! If they are in a 10-15 gallon pot just about 5-7 tablespoon of water. Very easy to over water in large pots