Algae - is it a problem

I have algae growing on top of my rock wool and at bottom of pots in the drain tray, there are roots coming out of the bottom of the pots into drain tray and the algae is growing in between and around these roots. But my question is can this algae be harmful to the plants and nutes and should I control it in some way, Or just let it go and not worry about it, I can take pics if that would make easier to understand what I’m on about

Algae is a plant and is hard to get rid of upswing chemicals without hurting your plant.
Try covering it with Rockwood covers to block the lijght but at the same time will let air in.
Algae will die without light.
Hydrogen peroxide will work also

Hope this helps

B Safe

Algae will not to your plant; However; Too much algae in the root zone deprives the roots of Oxygen. As suggested. Cover it up; Algae thrives in nutrients, and light. :slight_smile: