AK48 no nutes but discoloration/stains

Hi you guys! Just started my second growth and I’m a but worried about the small stained/discolored leaves and tips on these new born babies. Also, I’m noticing curly (inward) leaves on half of my plants. I tried identifying the stains according to images but I can’t pinpoint what it is exactly. Would anyone please provide advice? Pics at bottom

Any help will be appreciated

Strain; ak48 feminized

Soil in pots

3x3 growtent

PH 7.5

What is strength of nutrient mix? no nutrients


Light system, mh400w veg 18/6, hps400w in flowering 12/12

Temps; Day 88F, Night: mesurement to come

Humidity; Day:40%, Night: mesurement to come

Ventilation system; variable blower on a carbon filter at low speed

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier: 1 basic stationary clip fan

Co2; No

Your ph is way to high for one, in soil it needs to be 6.3-6.8, 6.5 would be perfect. Day time temperatures are to high, they need to go down about 10-13 degrees, so around 75-78 degrees

Wow…your P. H is way out of range. Flush her with P.H ed water at 6.5
Check your run off after each flush u til you read 6.3 - 6.5
It looks to be the start of Calcium being locked out by PH troubles

Very acidic soils with excessive potassium, dry and or wet soil. Lack of calcium in the soil may cause too acidic soil. This may cause to Mg or Iron deficiency or very slow stunted growth
Here is my sample photo

I hope this helps


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Should I go with pool ph products, aquarium ph control? With your suggestions, I plan on balancing a huge quantity of “ready” water and repeat when the supply gets low. I heard that you could just add vinegar to lower you ph, would that be a good way to proceed?

professional products have preservatives and stabilizers that maintain pH better than vinegar

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Use ph down and yea vinegar can but if your not careful it can end badly, if you use vinegar 1/4 tsp per gallon and @kabongster proves a great point

Finally, I recalibrated my pH meter and it turns out my pH is at 6.7,6.8. The problem looks similar to the one I got in my first growth but then it appeared much later in the process.AK-48 issue: Nute burn or Potassium deficiency or am I off?

I really want to save my babies

Any help would be appreciated.