Super curly growth ,is this normal/ok

My zkittle auto is nearly 4 weeks old (I know she’s tiny it’s my 1st grow and I constantly made mistakes) how ok is this curling she has really healthy waxy green new leaves but this curling style is throwing me for a loop since she’s not showing any signs of water issues otherwise

And I think I just noticed pistils on her gahh she’s gonna be a small girl

What medium are you in? She seems hungry by her light color but then again you have your grow lights on and that’s bit ideal for plant diagnosis. Next time turn lights off and use flash.

Are you PH’ing the water you give her?

That was from when I undernuted and underwatered which I remedied (all her new growth is much better) about 6 days ago and yup water Is 6.4-6.6(and I know the dang light makes everything yellowish)

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Soil or coco?

Soilish it’s a peat moss compost blend

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You should not be feeding until your runoff ppm is below 1400 then. Water only.

But clearly somethings wrong with her… What’s the back story?. Didn’t PH water early on?
Is the Temps not under control?
Raise the humidity in there dome it with clear plastic something.

I’m growing with organic nutes , minimal runoff

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Yes but you still need to do run off tests to see what the ppm of your soil is, your soils probably to hot nutrients wise then.
Burning the roots and thus slow growth

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Nah it was the underwatering that was slowing the growth they’ve grown nearly twice their sizes since rectified(they only had like 2 tablespoons of organic nutes for the first 3 weeks of life which I later learned was like a 1/5 of what they should’ve started with) I just wanted to know if the curly leaf is normal lol

Leafs curl I wouldn’t stress about it.

But your plants the wrong color, and if your in a compost mix you shouldn’t have to feed.
Not trying to be a dink here but you have no idea how much nutrients is in your medium and you have no idea how much nutrients your feeding this is where tds meters come in use them or your blindly feeding.
1/4 of this or 2mls of thst means nothing. How many tds in the root zone, tells you if it needs more or less. Then measure what you give so you don’t under or over feed.