Ak47auto vs. Jack Herer auto 12 weeks outdoors

Curious about Jack Herer being so much later than AK47.
Identical treatment, 5 of each. outside doing fine but I think the Jack’s are mislabeled and are not autos. from ilgm.


Pretty big difference for sure. Ak is looking really good though

AK is kicking ass. Old Jack may may out grow her.

WHere did you get your Jack seeds from? My ILGM Jack went until 15 weeks!

@Alex191 @lmille I had a white widow auto that went almost 6 months

Got the seeds from ilgm. It may just be a varietal difference, still auto perhaps. Jacks are starting to grow hairs at 15 hours sun (July 7). If it is varietal difference, seed buyers might care to know.