AGLEX or HLG or both

So i bought this AGLEX not knowing people who sell lights like to exaggerate how good the product really is and I’ve never grown anything before

AGLEX K Series LED Plant Grow Light 2X4ft Dimmable Sunlike Full Spectrum with 3030 LEDs & UL Listed IP65 Waterproof Driver Zero Noise Grow Lamp for Hydroponic Greenhouse Indoor Seeding Veg and Bloom

Then i bought this the same day was going to return AGLEX but i got a free 4x2x5 tent that’s what i am using. Now i have 2 and both those lights.

Horticulture Lighting Group 225W HLG 225 LED Grow Light

What should i do use both lights in one tent i do want fast and big buds from clones and seeds or use one tent for flower HLG and the AGLEX for seeds and veg i have the extra money to do a little more work on them

You will want both in a 2x4
HLG says flower footprint is 2x2.5. You can believe what HLG is telling you.
AGLEX you have to take a closer look.
PPFD map tells you a lot. The center reading at 12" is 1913. That is great if you want to turn the center 6" to toast. The center two feet you get reasonable readings along the edge and corner. Wider than that is not worth talking about. I imagine at a hanging height of 20 - 24" you get a decent PPFD average over a 2x2 area
A 5’ tent isn’t very tall. After you take light height, filter & exhaust, pots etc., it does not leave a lot of room for plants. Maybe 24"
The amount you are spending on two lights you are close to the cost of HLG 320W or the 260 XL is a common light used in 2x4 - just a thought. Then you would also need a tent. 6’ is good. 7 is even better. Good luck


Nicely said!


I bought a lux reader at 12 inches i get Max 750 1 inch 1350+ on the AGLEX thats at lux x100

And ty very much for the help I’m definitely just doing one text