Afghan Feminized

Anyone else growing Afghan Feminized outside. My seeds where planted 8 May how long before sprouting.

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Indoors for me. Got about a month to go.

Ive grown Afghan but Autos. Outdoors .It was a cool plant a different look to it than others…I liked it…well what was left of it… :rofl: The Caterpillars got most of it that year…Good luck!

Well it’s my first time with this strain
Still waiting for them too show themselves planted two will give it a week before I try the others. My JH is doing great but I started that one about 3 weeks ago.

Did you germinate first or plant directly into soil? It depends on how warm and how much light your pots or area is getting…May *that isn’t that long ago so Id give them a chance Especially if you didn’t germinate before planting It will take longer… Keep us posted!! Good Luck…

Yeah, put them in soil first. But it’s only been day 4. I think I’m okay. Just wondering how long before they show themselves. But I’ll keep everyone up to date.

I started a godfather OG on May 4, and it broke ground on May 8. I plant my seeds directly into moist soil with a dome over the cup.

Afghan was grown out doors last yr its a good smoke had 4 IIrc. Photos I planted the Persian Pack from ILGM.

Well I’m hoping to see something in the next couple of days. If not I have 3 seeds left. Started inside but they will be going out back in the yard.

Well it’s hot here in the summer and what I understand is that this stain does good in any environment.

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They did not like our damp fall weather, the Afghan was hit the hardest with bud rot, the Hindi Kush was the toughest.

Well it’s hot and dry here during the summer and fall but if they don’t serve I’ll do something else next spring

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2,3 more days BUD GODS willingđź‘Ť

Im have one AMNESIA auto and one BLUE CHEESE auto but indoor grow.

I’m thinking Monday. If nothing I’ll put 2 in water and see if that works.

Just a update nothing as of yet. Still hoping. I did put one in water but no tail day 2

She finally came out. A little small but I think that’s normal


You will like that when she is done!!

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How long do the seeds need to be in water. First seed has a small tail not a 1/2 inch but I don’t want to deprived it of oxygen. It’s been 3 days now. Should I plant it now.

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Thats up for debate check out @Gl1tch write up on it…Germination Showdown
I would plant it…I did that to mine…Didn’t want to wait for tail to get longer and risk it…
Great glad she finally popped out…easy on the water and you’ll be fine…Sometimes the ones that look small take off like a rocket later on…
@RickG31_FT0 …I always wanted to try a Blue Cheese strain sounds good and smelly … :crazy_face: