AeroGarden Seed Germination

Looks like you caught it on sale! Woot!

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Really? That’s on sale? I thought it was pretty pricey at $160! But it’s a pretty color, so… :kissing_heart:

Looks like it is $99, down from $160 but I might be looking at a different model.

And yes, very pretty :slight_smile:

There are sooo many models! It took me an hour to pick one out! There is a smaller version of this color, it holds 3 pods at I think $88. Mine holds 6 pods at $159 I think.

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I guess I saw it on the AG site. Could have sworn I saw the same on Amazon but I don’t see it now.

Oh wow, yeah that’s the one! Oh well, I don’t really care how much I paid… I’m happy I bought it anyway.

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I’m with you. There is something about having it in 2 days! :slight_smile:

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Besides, as you must know by now, “I’m wealthy”. LOL!!! GRRRRR

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Keep an eye on your item on Amazon. If they drop it within 7 days, they’ll credit you the difference.

I could use a sugar momma. I was doing great until a company convinced me to leave my job and work for them. 3 months later they ran into financial problems and I was laid off. No severance, no nothing. So pissed. Now I can’t find any work. Oh well… Life goes on. I’m still a happy boy in my heart.

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Oh, baby, I’m so sorry… really, that’s awful.

Damn it! I feel really bad now. I’m trying to cool off, from my rant, but I cant. I have so much to do today, too. Now I’m paralyzed.

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Something will come my way. Lots of experience.

What rant is that?

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Oh, well, if you didn’t read it, then it’s just as well. Religion and politics rant. I hate it.

karma will bend my way eventually. I took in someone who was living in a trailer and out of work for a long time. I let him stay in my spare room until he got some cash and gave him a job.

My turn will come… :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, I skimmed it. I try to stay out of political and religious conversations :wink:

You’re amazing! And you’re right, some good karma is sure to find you.

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:kissing_heart: Thank you


I try to stay out of it too, but it always finds me!

LOL, stop turning over rocks.

You’re right. I won’t do it again. Nothing but growing weed for me now.

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