Aerogarden grow, not on purpose

I start my seedlings in a harvest aerogarden and then move them to rdwc buckets. Had five started, moved all of them except this one. Was afraid to pull it out, the roots on this one were massive compared to the other 4. I took the light off the aerogarden and stuck plant in the tent. I have to give it water 2 times a day, resivor only holds .7 gallons. On this plant I dont measure anything, kinda of an experiment. My other plants I keep ppm, ph and res. temps. steady. Just shows how resilient these plants are. On another note I have learned I should not grow any gorrilla strains in tent they get to damn big. Forgot to say the plant in the aerogarden is Banana x Banana Kush. Other plants are Strawberry Gorilla.


Lol grats on making it this far with that little system. Definetly a lot of work to keep up im sure. Looking great :+1:

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