Advice please….on water ppm and ec

Currently wondering how to raise parts per million in my tap water
ALSO is there any advice using distilled water ?

tap water
I know I have to ph down…
ALSO is there any advice using distilled water

with the tap water are you PHing it right out the faucet? If so I would let it rest for 24-48 hours then test the PH. The PPM is pretty normal from what i have seen.

Why would you want to raise the ppm in your tap water?

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It’s only 137 ppm

That’s a good thing!!


Next question are you using nutrients or plan to?

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My water out of my faucet, which comes from a well, is about 100 ppm. I use Jacks nutrients to feed my plants. When mixed my ppms are between 900 and 1000 or between 1.8 and 2.0 EC. 4 grams per gallon of Jacks part A and 2 grams per gallon of Jacks part B. Since I am growing in coco this is the only nutrients my plants get and this is what I feed every single day, when I started my first grow I was using the ratio of 3.6 grams Part A/ 2.4 grams part B/ 1.2 grams epsom salts per gallon. That second ratio is what was suggested by the company making the nutrients. Hopefully this helps.


Ok I didn’t let it sit for 24hrs

Ok I thought I needed 500 ppm . And I haven’t started yet but plan too. Any good recommendations for first nutrients?

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Jacks 321 it’s simple and effective.

FYI, EC and PPM are just different ways of expressing the same thing. EC stands for electrical conductivity and is output in millisiemens. PPM converts the EC into a different format, typically salt scale (NACL) or 500. What this means is, pick one and use it. Normally here it’s 500 scale PPM.

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What stage are your plants at? Seedlings, clones, early veg, and late vegitive , and flower have desired ranges in ppms. Ill use flower, i have seen numerous charts, a 1000 to 1200 ppm for flower.

Always good to allow tap to sit, it allows for some city chemicals to evaporate. Like chlorines.

Bad tap is anything over 400ppms, 300 is okay.

Mix a gal of your nutes, my nutes jacks 321, a and b and epsom measures out 1550ppm mixed. For one gal. I have to Ph down to 5.8 for my coco medium.

Ok one gal mixed at 1550 ppm. Take 1 gal of Phed tap water to desired Ph range. Add a little ph ed water, mix, and test, will start lowering.

Note how much tap water you add to the muxed nutes to dilute the ppms dow to your range of 1100 ppms.

To hit target mark, for me, i like 1100. If its only a quart of Ph ed tap water to bring the 1550 down to 1100 remember tomorrow, it will be close to yhat until something changes.

If your coffee is too strong, dilute with water to weaken it. Same principal to dilute your nutes. Hope that helps.

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This is what i have pickedup in less than a year. Might be off, but in principal, thats how to adjust your numbers.

Advise, i think RO and distilled are the best ways to go. Downside, larger grows could be costly unless you buy a Filtering system.

ROs and distilled water have 0 to 30 ppms.

Good luck,

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