Advice please? First time growing (in winter, without resources)

Hi. I’m new here, but I’ve already learned a lot from you all, and I’m hoping some of you can share your thoughts.

I’ve wanted to try growing my own plants for a long time, but I used to live in an apartment with few windows. I’ve recently moved to the country and I was just gifted about 20 seeds, a 2x2’ LED grow light, a pH/moisture meter, some Happy Frog potting soil, and some biodegradable seed starting trays. I don’t have money to spend on anything else. Is it possible to grow healthy plants (with a decent yield) indoors with just these materials?

I live in the north, so it’s cold, and it will be cold for another 2-3 months. My house is a constant balmy 62 degrees Fahrenheit. However, I do have a wood stove that gets really hot, but I only have a fire going for 12 hours a day. (I also have an old humidifier, but it barely works.)

I don’t want to wait to start growing. I’m assuming my primary issues will be temperature, humidity, and plant nutrition (and eventually planting the seedlings into bigger containers which I don’t currently have).

I’m thinking I could use a combo of aluminum foil and plastic wrap to form a sort of grow tent that I periodically spritz with warm water. How bad of an idea is this?

I can start growing when it’s warmer only if I’m able to grow them completely outdoors in some back corner of my land (I have family visiting in the summer and I’d rather be discreet). We usually get late frosts (through the end of April) so I’m doubtful that would work.

I don’t need to grow many plants, just a few. I’d ideally like a 2 oz yield, but I’m happy just doing this as a practice run for the future. Any advice on how to successfully grow indoors with my setup, or lack thereof, would be greatly appreciated.

Please be gentle, I’m a true noob.

Thanks all!

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If I were you, first I would try to construct an area in which you can control your atmosphere.
Temp, humidity, lighting and available water at the proper pH to water your plants.
Humidity isn’t the biggest problem, it would be your temperature control. You need an area
where it won’t drop below 55F at night and 65-70 during the day. Getting soil and nutrients isn’t
a the biggest hurdle you have to face if you’re going to move forward with your project.


Thanks for the advice! It just occurred to me that I could use my small bathroom which heats up more easily than other rooms. The light I have is the Spider-Farmer 1000, which doesn’t come with a fan…maybe the light can heat up the plants enough (or too much?)


Yup, make it as small as you can while still providing it enough air flow… good luck!

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That isn’t a bad idea, however your challenge will be nightly temperature control.

The three things you NEED for cannabis cultivation is Temp, Light and water pH’ed to correct
levels. Buying a PH up and down kit is about $20 unless you have well water or faucet water
that has a pH of 6.0-7.0ph, the kit might be all you need if you have decent soil.


Do u know if they are regular seeds or auto flower seeds?? U can always get a refrigerator box or a washer box and make urself a small enclosed areabfor urself to grow in. A washer or dryer box might work well as the sf light might have enough heat to keep u at a reasonable temp thru the day and if u can get an oil filled radiator heater from walmarts or something to keep a bit of heat thru the noght if needed. Thebloght will warm up a washer or dryer box id say atleast a good 3 to 8ndegree warmer. If there is any way for u to get ahold of a mh or hps loght setup that would work great for u and u can run loghts at noght to keep tent warm at noght and day van be warmed by fireplace.

Do you mean like a cardboard box? I have lots of big boxes from my recent move…

I can’t get a new light, but I do have an old space heater/radiator that I didn’t consider using. Thanks for the suggestion!

A few of the seeds are auto-flowering sour diesel, but most are regular male/female seeds (a GMO hybrid). Does that change anything?

run your light at night & your dark period during the warmer part of the day & it’ll help keep yer temps up easier at night when it’s colder. Block out all light during your dark period.

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Will do, thanks.

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