Advice on germanating WW seeds

Hello my grow friends. I put seeds in water for 24 hours and two cracked. One had not. So I put them in pods and it’s been 4 days and none have came up yet. I have them on warming pad and under dome. How long does it actually take before they brake the surface? Chromie

Do you have any light on them

Yes it’s a small grow lite. Didn’t want anything to strong

These are WW seeds and I thought I read somewhere that they take about 7 days to brake surface. Do you think I should use my 300w Mars light on them? Chromie

Depends on how deep you put them in the pellet

I put them in about 1/2 to 3/4 inch down. Two of them were already cracked

It takes longer the deeper down they are. I do 1/4"

Okay thanks. I may have put them down to far but they should still sprout.
I’ve got two 17w grow lights on them. That should be enough. I read that
they don’t require any light until they brake surface. Chromie

They should sprout at some point.

I hope so they are the last three I have. After this grow I think I’ll try
a different strain. I’m an indoor grower with limited area. Only can grow
three at a time. Any suggestions on a good strain for indoors. I like skunk
but trying to control the smell is a challenge.