Advice needed about starting a hemp farm

From a fellow grower: I have been raising aeroponic vegetables for quite some time on a small scale in a verticle garden. I’m interested in establishing a larger indoor hemp/CBD farm. Currently I am looking at an automated two level system. I won’t tell you which system I am considering but I’d love to hear suggestions and pro’s and con’s of other good systems. I am looking at two facilities; one is 2,500 s.f., the other is new construction for 15,000 s.f…

My goal is to set up the indoor farm for hemp/cbd and pivot when adult use marijuana is approved in Florida. I’d add the adult use cannabis rooms or do in a separate building.

Do you have any suggestions for indoor farming in the hemp strains? My height limitation on the first level is just over four feet, second level is potentially up to a total of either twelve or to sixteen feet.