Advice for new Grow room, lights, distance between plants, etc

Hello, I suddenly have a lot more time on my hands after losing my job just before Christmas so I am planning on devoting more time to what has been merely an occasional hobby so far. I have set aside an area of the basement (semi finished, concrete floors) that is roughly 9 x 8 x 6.5h feet and would like to have 12 plants. I have been doing some research over the last couple weeks and am going to try to scrog half of them as a test while leaving the other half to grow un encumbered. One of my main questions is about lighting. I currently have a 300w full spectrum led “Galaxyhydro”

and I wonder if adding one more of the same light would be enough, or would I be better going with different lighting, higher output, money is obviously a factor with being unemployed at the moment, but I also want to do everything I can to be set up for success from the start.

Since I have never tried a grow of this size, what would be an ideal size for the potting sacs, how far apart should I have the plants? Recommendations for nutrients and soil would also be greatly appreciated. Thank you for any advice you can offer!

If it makes a difference on recommendations, I am planning on a mix of Big Bud, Amnesia Haze and Chocolope.

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Hey welcome to the forum you can download Roberts grow bible for free plus there are lots of guide and other info on this site to keep you busy, till a expert comes


Thanks! I have received the grow bible and will be going over it while I (somewhat)patiently wait for expert advice, lol.


I use the same light I own 4 I just recently purchased their Roleadro 400 w cob second gen light about 10$ more then the 300 watt galaxy hydro 9 band
I like the galaxy hydro and had no problem just flipped to 12/12 1week going on second and I have 5 plants in a 6 high 6 wide 4 deep home built box
I’m running the 2 400 watt and 2 of the 300 watts now with no problems :+1::smiley:
Hope this helps you can see my ladies and what not on my thread if your interested “and here we go my first indoor grow”

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That light uses only 140 true watts, for 12 plants in a 9×8’ area your going to need to daisy chain several of them together

You might consider putting a tent (or panda-plastic wall) in that area and keeping your plants and all the light inside the tent, which would help maximize your light. You might get away with two of those lights in a 4x4’ tent

  • best of luck!
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So, if I am planning on 12 plants, how many of the 300W Galaxy Hydros would you use? I am planning on using reflective covering on 5 sides (walls and ceiling). You said you have 5 plants and you’re running 4 lights? Thanks!

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Thanks! I am planning on using reflective covering on 5 sides (walls and ceiling), including breaking down a tent I already have on hand. How many 300w lights would you suggest and how many/what output for stronger lights? Thanks!

I would try to gat close to 50w per square foot of space you plan on using for two plants and 25 w for one plant is what I was told
I’ll look back and do the math a little bit later when I get a chance
The galaxy hydro 300 w lights draw 150 actual watts
And I use that # to do my calculations
How big is your grow room again ?
Also if your going to buy more light I would recommend you check the 400 w cob second gen light they make it draws 200 actual watts and is only 10 $ more on Amazon also has a nice white color that’s easier on the eyes lol just a thought
Any way let me know how big your room is
In a tent you will be able to get away with 25 watt per square ft I would think
I’m running about 700 actual watts in a 6foot tall 6 foot wide 4 foot deep box

So I looked back and saw your space size 72 square feet and using 25w per square foot with those lights you’ll need about 12
Now 25 watts to 50 watts per square foot is a general rule of thumb
My space calls for 900 watts using 25 per square foot
And I’m only running about 700 and all seems ok
No sure if I helped or confused you :+1:
You’ll probably what to step up wattage on your light so you don’t need as many for same coverage and it will be more cost effective when buying new lights

You can save money and effort cuz you don’t need reflective material on your ceiling, it won’t help

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Check out the meizhi reflector series 600w light it has actual power draw of about 277 watts cover 3x3 area
It’s goes for 157.99
I don’t have any of these but have heard good things about them
Also check out Roleadro 2nd gen 600 watt led
5w chip has actual draw of about 247 watts and it goes for 150.13
I have a cob version of the Roleadro light same company as galaxy hydro
These are just a few options for you and I recommend you do your own homework on this
I saw you said you got laid off (sorry to hear it ) so I’m sure money it tight
But buying bigger light is the way to go and I think for your space
Good luck with your grow

Hi all, I believe this is on topic - if not, boot me off here with expediency!
Regarding room dimensions and such, I’m adding on a 4x4 tent with iPower 1000W HPS. My concern is more ergodynamic: how to maintain the back row of 2 or 3 plants? There are side doors in the tent that open as low as 25" from the bottom, so I can water easily from the sides and using funnel-type pot rigs or wand watering. However, pruning or other under-canopy maintenance is extremely hindered.
I’m thinking a raised bed across the back, but I give up some height - maybe moot in an 80" tent! Does anybody have any access ideas? Surely, somebody’s solved this in a 4x4. Shirley? Buhler? Thanks in advance,