Advice, (constructive) criticism welcome

Okay here’s a picture I took on the 19th June; and the same plants today.
Growing in coco perlite with autopots
Future #1 from Anesia Seeds
Temp / RH / ppm / EC all good /FF hydro nutes
5 x 5 tent
Grower’s Choice ROI-E680 running at 60%
I’ve topped them twice (latest topping yesterday)
Jazz music playing in the tent (don’t laugh!)

I just ordered Flower Fuel and Bud Candy.

What else should I do to give these ladies their best childhood?

Appreciate any and all guidance!


pH and PPM meters will be a good investment and will enable you to properly manage your grow medium.

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Oh yeah I have pH and ppm and EC meters! All within good ranges.

I was happy to see it was you who answered! You always give good advice!


Thanks. Complements are always nice to hear.


They look good. The only other suggestion I would have is to back off the light a little. They are really compact and a little more space between nodes would be helpful for light penetration and airflow during flowering.


You found bud candy. Advanced nutrients’ Voodoo Juice kicks the roots into high gear. Topped 2x - what did you top the 2nd time? The two mains?

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I’m with @beardless in the fact that I think a beneficiary bacteria product will help you the most in veg aside from good environment (hope you have lots of wind and air circulation in there) as well as a solid base nutrient.

However my recommendation is fishsh!t over voodoo juice, adding tribus original or anyone one of those 3 options will be a big boost to root and thus plant growth but a controlled study as to which is the best hasn’t happened so get whatever you feel you want/can easily get at a decent price.
The fishsh!t can be used at 2ml per gallon in autopots all Durring veg or the full grow. Foow directions for the other products.

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@mcnamame great job , keep going


Thank you! I just ordered the fish sh!t…
Bud Candy and Flower Fuel will be used in flowering stage.
I topped the original cola; and then some of the others that grew as well (yesterday).

I really appreciate the feedback and advice!

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Should I turn it down to 40%? (The light?)

I don’t know that I would turn it down that much if currently at 100%. Turn it down just enough to encourage her to stretch out a little.

It’s at 60% right now (Grower’s Choice ROI E680 light)

Just switched it to 40 % on the lights

Thank you thank you thank you!

For any of those to have maximum potential of increasing trichomes production , you might still want to lower Temps to middle or high 60’s 50’s if they can resist it for maximum trichome coverage , B-52 , Overdrive , Silica or some plain Ole Epsom Salt will make your plants eat more and build more chlorophyll to hold bigger buds, still good stuff you ordered . Can’t wait to see them !

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Do you think I should defoliate more? Just about to go into week 4. I did defoliate (it doesn’t look like it) about 7 days ago… I think I should again? What do you think?

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Okay I just impulsively did 2 out of the 4. Yikes.

No real reason to defoilate until week 3 of flower, you want as much bio mass as possible to grow bigger faster stronger.
Unless your plant training with some sort of method or they are getting in the way of something. Like each other.

Those autopots so close together is going to be i testing once they grow up…

Here is two spread apart for example

Or here is three

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The autopots is a hit I see and cuts the labor in almost 3/4’ s of the work is watering each and feeding and checking :heavy_check_mark: , individually drain pans , autopot no more checking individually oh yes hmmmm!

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Thank you! Yes we mistakenly ordered the easy2grow system instead of the 4 individual pots. So I think they will be really hard to manage when we flip them. Next grow - the individual pots!

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