1st grow, need advice

First grow here everyone, 4×4×8 grow tent. 6" exhaust, 2-600w Vivosun LEDs. I just hit day 14 and was wondering how they look so far and when do I start adding nutrients? I just received voodoo juice, cal-mag and connoisseur part A&B. Any advice would be great. 77-80 degrees, humidity been between 61-66%. Thanks everyone!



Don’t add nutes until they get 3-4 sets of true leafs, what kind of soil are you in?

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Yeah that soil has plenty to carry that girl for a a few more nodes :call_me_hand:t2:

Ok thanks…so don’t even add the voodoo juice?

You can start using some of that, I’m pretty sure that’s for roots… just start with 1/2 the dose and see how they react. Seedlings are super fragile, I screwed a few of mine trying to rush the feeding part😂

But they made a recovery :sunglasses:

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Lol alright cool. Im just getting overly excited. I just wanna watch them grow :rofl::rofl:



Dude I practically lived in my tent for the first 3 weeks! Those girls are 2 days into flower, super silver haze so I got 10 weeks of flower time :roll_eyes:


Hahaha!!! I am well on my way!!. One more thing, is it better to do multiple watering w less nutes to get the full ML? Or give it all in one watering?

Its funny…I find myself constantly checking in on them…im so paranoid something is gonna go wrong or branches fall or anything…I love watching and seeing how the grow progresses…its awesome.

Oh bro, if you like to watch them grow… just wait until you flip them to flower, 1 of my plants grew 7inches in 8 days :exploding_head: @FullyMedicated

What do the manufacture directions say?

Ohhh no need to flip…growing wwa…started flowering dec 2nd…

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