Adverse reaction to gummies

I gave a friend some CBD gummies I made from this season’s harvest, unfortunately she said she had a adverse psychedelic reaction to the one she took. She has been taking commercial CBD of unknown strength.

The strain is Critical Mass and advertised as 7/4 percentage ratio CBD/THC. My wife has been taking them for a couple of weeks. I was actually concerned that the dosage might be too low.

Is this a common reaction to cannabis?

Could have been more than they were used to taking. Could have got one that had a little more concentrate than others. I always found myself eating two or three times recommended doses with commercial edibles. Homemade stuff is like, just the ear of a gummy bear or three licks of a lolli lol. Sorry your friend had a bad reaction. Probably try ¼ of what she took


Ingesting edibles is far different and they have found genetic markers that indicate how someone will react to ingesting THC. There are many like me that can take heroic dosages 10 - 100 x a normal dose and barely be affected. At the other end of the spectrum are people who are extreme lightweights and can have panic and paranoia attacks from a tiny dose. And we both have genetic markers that tell which group we are in.

Luckily smoked THC enters directly into the bloodstream through the lungs and still hits me way harder than any edible does.


Can’t trust what it says the percentages are. It depends on when you harvest. I had a seed that said. 5%thc. 10% CBD. Had it tested and it was 4% CBD 10% THC. You don’t really know unless you test it.


Years ago i had a hash cookie i was so high i had a piece of pizza talk to me i can tell you what i seen eyes and mouth on this pizza i ended up passing out and i slept for two days straight that was when i was 20 yrs old


That’s me the one hit wonder…I did a DNA health test and I do have the genetic marker.

I do have some 0%THC 8%CBD seeds I will be sprouting this summer. Trilogene seeds @$3 a seed. You do have to sign an agreement that you won’t do any cross breeding.

Do you know what that genetic marker is called?

No I don’t. I had done testing through ancestry and uploaded it for $10 to something called prothease (sp?). I’ll dig around and see if I can find my old report.

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Science often forgets not all cannibinoids hits you the same way, my guess is the spectrum of cannibinoids just hit her badly like how crystal candy xl hits my brain a little to sharply and leaves me with a headache.

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