Advanced Nutrients Confusion

I used an online calculator to decide how much to feed on my first grow. This led to some pretty serious Nitrogen burn.

I was looking for some clarification from some more experienced growers.

Am I supposed to use all 3 in my water? Or do I only use the 1 that relates to the current stage of the grow?

Feel dumb asking this but the directions on the bottle are just a little confusing for me.

The soil I will be using is Fox Farm Ocean Forest.


If the Fox Farm is prefertilized…it’s too hot. Dilute with regular unfertilized.

Mixing most 3 parts require #1 to be added FIRST…THEN 2 n 3.
It is prudent to START NUTES AT 20% of feeding schedules. Add more as needed.
Learn to read the leaves. Krinkled leaves, curled leaves, splothes…all signs of problems.

better too little…than too much. It only takes one overdose to kill a grow that is big healthy and ready to harvest. Seriously

ffof is considered by many to be “too hot”. ive used it and have not had issues with it until flower, then i keep running into nute toxi/defi. maybe go light on nitrogen ferts in general

Your choice

we r saying same thing :+1:

Start at 1/4 strength & work your way up. With the boosters & supplenents, I go at full strength.

And don’t feed til week 4-6 of veg, and only after doing a flush of the soil.

I totally get it, @Bandwidth. For being such a large player in the nutrient game, Advanced Nutrients website, calculators and Bud Labs tool are not beginner-friendly at all. The answers aren’t there for someone without experience. I have found that my local hydroponics store and the people here are the best resources to get this stuff figured out right the first time.
FYI, there is a nutrients section on this bulletin board. It can be found here:

For what it’s worth, I am also growing in Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil. Following advice given here(based on that soil), I have not added any nutrients until the plants reached the flowering stage. I went to my local store today and purchased Advanced Nutrients pHPerfect Bloom, parts A & B. I will be trying it out tomorrow evening for the first time.

In case you are interested, I will be logging notes in my Grow Journal, which can be found here:

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Yea I learned that the hard way on my first grow.

I overfeed to an extreme, it’s a real miracle the plant yielded anything at all considering the unknown genetics plus the mistakes of a first timer.

I have picked up some Gorilla Glue from here and my new grow is getting underway tomorrow. Hopefully with less mistakes than the first time around.

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Struggled through 4 grows using hot organic soil, including FFOF, and too much AN micro/grow/bloom. Once I started flushing regularly & decreased nutes, they worked like a charm, even with hot soil.


How often would you recommend to flush and for how long? I only flushed 2 weeks after clawing had started (about 5 weeks into bloom) in some effort to save the plant. I could never get the soil ph down and I was running about 1.5 gallons through a 5 gallon cloth pot almost daily for two weeks.

I have read many post that swear by FFOF + 25% pearlite. I have no loyalty just trying to find the best medium to produce a nice bud. I am 150% open to any community suggestions. I plan a grow log for this time around in hopes that I can spot problems faster.

Thanks Again all!

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FFOF is actually an Awesome soil out of the bag. Yes its a big hot but not world breaking hot (as long as u dont add more nutes immediately)

Black Cow is nice
ANYTHING DR earth is golden (albeit expensive)
Promix (they have a buncha diff ones) is more of cococoir then soil but i hear good things
Happy Frog soil is also highly recommended

N as stated add perlite to all of em (except the promix perhaps? Betty is on it now and could better help here)

A real flush means running about 10 gals through that 5 gal pot. Do it mid veg (if long veg period), when you transition to bloom, mid bloom, and before harvest. If you use a product like Sledgehammer or Florakleen, you can probably get away with a 5 gallon flush.

Pay attention to your pH & ppm’s to tell you what to do.

LOL…I trashed at least 5 grows before I realized the feeding schedule was not to be followed to the letter.

Yeah…get a great grow going and overdose it once…you get fried hay.

Will make a person doubt the worthiness of growing. But, one good harvest will infect you with the growing bug.

best advice:…K.I.S.S.



I have used Advance Nutrients for years and I highly recommend them.
I just need to ask. Why in the world would you want to use an online calculator to calculate the amount of nutrients to feed your plants ?
When it clearly states on the bottle.
Any way… you did and now to fix it. Just add what it says to on the bottle and yes you can use more than one nutrient at a time but only two…Vegg Micro and Grow together Flower Micro and bloom together

@garrigan65…are you saying use only two of the three part nutes???

yes For Vegg Micro and Grow Flower Micro and bloom and then there are other products that they sell which is good to use during flower

Great question, I wish I had a good answer. Went with what was highly recommended found their website and used to the tool they provided incorrectly. Wrote it down and never even looked at the label until the Nut burn set in. A dumb rookie mistake is the best answer I have for you.

Hell, it was not till 3/4 through the grow I figured out what the N-P-K values meant and how they relate to soil/plant health.

Wanted my first grow with bag seeds to be off the cuff, learn on the fly. So what I didn’t get in my yield I certainly got in knowledge.

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Learn to read your leaves. crinkled canoeing leaves…too much of something. Nutes or PH.
Drooping…needs water or too much water.

It’s a learning process…especially if you do a new strain. Best to keep one good strain.

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