Adding sugar at the end

Can i add a teaspoon of molasses per gallon of plain ph’d water 6.8 , last week of flower stage.


Sure. Some folks will give only water but there isnt anything that says you cannot. There is potassium, calcium, and magnesium in molasses as well.


Go for it… i do it all the time :grinning:


Unsulffered molasses


Thanks for quick response, time to water.


If you want to start using as a practice, start at about 3 weeks before the chop, once a week. If you have microbes in your soil, it will give them something to eat and assist with late flower fattening up.


Ill use that info for next grow, checked trichomes this morning and seeing quite a bit of amber but still clear and cloudy on another plant, so im probably days away from chop.


You can set out 8 plants at the same time and they may be ready for harvest at 8 different times. You may want to chop the one that is full of amber now.

I wouldn’t do it the last week but definitely the few weeks before that. Going overboard can cause a harder to cure product in my experience. Buds become too sticky and can’t perspire properly.


I dry in the tent, no where else to dry it has to be all at once then i pull light out, filter out, a few fans, ill leave one or two and do the hanging.

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Ill remember that for next time.

I get it. Sorry I didn’t think about a space problem. I’m sure you have different degrees of potency which is a great idea which I didn’t think about either. Happy growing my friend

I add 1 tsp at feed time starting on flip to 12 hrs or as soon as pistols show then double up week 6 / 7 of flower then stop.

Got my seeds today,doing a one time only auto seed, would that be the same with them ?