Adding lime to acid soil

Greetings. I tested my garden soil and it clearly is on the acid side plus my well water is acid as well. I’ll cut in some organic soil like FF Ocean Forest just to amend the soil, but I think I need to add in some pulverized lime to raise the ph.

How do I gauge the amount of lime to cut into the soil? If my soil and well water are hovering around 5.5ph, I’m not sure what amount of pulverized lime to use as I work it into my soil bed?

I would usually do something like a tablespoon or two per gallon size of pot of soil. You may want to grab some ph adjuster for your water too. 5.5 is pretty low to start with.


I realize this is an uphill ph battle with low ph well water. We are planning to use some sort of irrigation system to either spray or drip well water. I’m hoping lime in the soil can keep the ph in balance so we don’t get nute lockout.

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Worth trying. I wouldn’t throw all your marbles in without a potential back up plan.

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