ADD/ADHD Hyperfocused on my plants, annoyed

Hey all,

I have ADD pretty prominently. If you don’t know already, it’s pretty well known that people like me don’t focus well on general things, but have the ability to hyperfocus on important things. This trait has had me hyperfocused on caring for my plants. I check them every morning, every night, and multiple times per day, every day. Especially after my Jack Herer threw out two incredibly tiny male sacs… I have also browsed this forum an unhealthy amount ever since my plants started growing decent size buds. I just wanted to share and maybe I’m not the only one with this problem. I’m planning to leave home for a week to ease my mind, but it might just make it worse :sweat_smile:


I am the same here. Worst part is, since I’m a newbie grower, makes it even worse. Any little thing that doesnt look right makes me think there is something wrong and proceed to spend 30 min trying to figure out the issue on the Internet, just to find out it’s no big deal. :rofl:


Haha, I grew regular plants and worked at a nursery for while, although it’s my first cannabis grow, feel free to Q&A me if something comes up. The internet is semi-reliable, I see misinformation in this forum sometimes, it happens.

No doubt. I see conflicting info and opinions all over the place. So I just log everything and will use for my next grow to avoid mistakes or make little tweaks.

I shouldn’t exaggerate too much, it’s really more of a recent thing, I’ve been having to do general greenhouse upkeep like ventilating during the day and closing up at night. That hermie has me checking all the time so I can pluck any potential sacs. I think I fixed the issue? Time and seedy weed at harvest will tell :joy:… If I grew indoors I would literally watch those things grow

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Wow thought i was the only one