Aculpoco gold in plastic tote

So October 9th we got sprout an she is coming along great… This is my first time growing in a tote then to garbage can for more height an space plus I have to be as discreet as possible about it I got 2 ac Infinity multi fans I’ma use as intake an a ipower 4 inch for exhaust … right now I’m still in tote with 2 ipower60 watt led full spec strips had to buy 2 one wasn’t enough an they def ain’t 60 watts each maybe 25 or something like that but it was till the 2nd light she started growing plus I add homemade CO2 vinegar an baking soda she is in earthworm casting sphagnum peat moss an perlite bout to transplant into happy frog oceans forest with azo-mite, mycos, ewc an added perlite she is 13 days bout to b 14 on rhe 23rd witch is when im flipping to flower or in few more days height restriction big time

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Looks like great start, good luck!


Indeed she does look happy. Good luck


I agree with the gentlemen.


@dbrn32 @PurpNGold74 @Underthestairs thank you yea I jus transplanted her this morning at 430am into happy frog n oceans mix with added azomite, E.W.Castings, Perlite, mycos an a little spaghnum peat moss earthworm castings Perlite mix on top of the happy frog

An I jus planted two Pink Panama from mephisto genetics…


Pink Panama auto sprouted the other day an I jus transplanted them into their forever homes this morning… Happy frog oceans earth worm castings Perlite spaghnum peat moss azomite an Mycos

Can’t wait to see them get bigger an aculpoco gold is doing great I flipped lights on her the other day to 12 n 12 an tonight im making the grow can will show pics when it’s finished I can’t wait to make this going use mars hydro or spider Farmer 100 watts
Aculpoco gold

Idk how much shell stretch so I gotta try n keep her under 2 n half ft

@PurpNGold74 @SilvaBack203 @dbrn32 @Underthestairs so I finished the grow can

Have spider Farmer SF1000-100watts
2 fans on bottom for intake an 1 - 4inch exhaust right next to lamp I have the light held up by zipties zipped on these eyebolt screw


Ok so she off to great start an I flipped her to 12-12 light… I flipped lights oct23 but had one night or two where she got more than 12 hrs but she seems to be growig alone great i had given her 1ml of ph perfect conissourgrow A-B by advanced nutrients but now that she s 8-9 days in light flip should I start given her the bloom nutes now ???
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Idk I feel if I give her bloom a an b now shell probably get nutte burn … I also jus add some fish shlt 1 ml to 8oz of water does anyone have any experience with these nutes pH perfect conissourgrow A-B bloom A AN B

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Really depends on how much nutrients are current in your growing media. Have you tested ph and ppm of runoff?


No it’s really hard from me to find tune right now I usually only have a small window to mess with plant n it’s a bitch to pull out closet so I’m trying to be as maintenance free as possible I am using fox farms happy frog an oceans forest mix with some added Perlite , E.W. castings, Azomite, Spaghnum peat moss, mycos… Can you believe after jus few days of being transplanted she started showing signs of hunger I usually get a good month of better outta fox farms soil… Guess these bags weren’t that great cause right after I gave 1ml of part A an B conissour grow i checked on her next morning an she was nice an green n jus beautiful… bday i think ima kick it with the grow part A an B for the first 2-3 weeks of light flip then start using bloom A an B … I’m going bust out pH pen tonight when everyone goes to sleep an see what ph is off what im feeding then check runn off witchll b gkkd she probably coild use light flush to help things get goiny


This may not have been what you think. After 1 day a transplant wouldn’t have roots embedded into soil well enough to pull much from it. My guess is that you were seeing some transplant shock or some like that.


Ahh yes I didn’t even think of that… Goodshit I’m write that down so I don’t forget that it does happen … plus I need to read up lil I’ve bin applying to cultivation jobs by me an I really hope things work out. I know i still got a lot to learn but I’m always down to learn more about growing an soil life , plant deficiencies but here what I got going

The first 2 are pink Panama an the other is aculpoco gold got 3 plants but I feel the pink Panama’s need more light I’m using 2 60watt I power strips but I don’t think they’re 60 each maybe one more should be good until they r too big n gotta move em


2 weeks pink Panama

4 weeks Aculpoco gold


Aculpoco gold 2weeks into light flip come week 3 going start bloom nutes…

Pink Panama autoflower

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Looking good!

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Coming along beautifully

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@dbrn32 @PurpNGold74 @Underthestairs I thought I needed to get nother light for pink panamas but my ass didn’t see that the one light wasn’t connected so I fixed up n wwaahhh Bbaaammmmm the tote lights up like Christmas tree pink panamas got they 2nd dose of ph perfect conissourgrow A-B an Aculpoco gold got her first taste of ph perfect conissour Bloom A-B plus some fishshit


Al righty check it out aculpoco gold in garbage can doing amazing started giving her bud candy,big bud, an sensizyme sticking tk advanced nutrients but only got small bottles an personally I like growing organically but this pH perfect shit is da bomb … I also gave pink Panamas sensizyme,bud candy n jus gave her little of big bud an all plants are doing great

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Nice job!

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