Caligurls Zen Garden Grow 2021

I have almost completed my 2021 grow but, by popular demand I’m putting a “Readers Digest” version of it here. I hope I can remember to capture both the highs and the lows of the year.

I have only grown from clones in the past but decided to try my hand dropping seeds like the big boys LOL

So I started the year off dropping these seeds. I sprouted using the paper towel on a plate method. Plate set on a heat mat. Once sprouted, I used peat pots to get them going.

Acapulco Gold (F/P)

DJBB2X #1 (Reg) from a cool breeder, which is a CF Short Blueberry x Corpse Flower (Hells Angels SK18 x Super Skunk)

Of course, my thinking was if I started with 6 seeds and I have a 50/50% chance of them being successful, that will leave me with 3 plants for my grow… PERFECT! Yeah… ONLY 3 PLANTS! 2 were for me and I was growing a 3rd for a friend.

OK, well I like to veg a long time and have big plants so I had to get a send tent so I might as well do 4 plants so the tents are even, right? :rofl:

See where this is going?

So I added these to the mix:
Two more DJBB2X #2 and #3

Pineapple Express (F/P)

East Coast Sour Diesel #1 (Reg) (named it # 1 you’ll find out why later in the journal LOL)

So like the Virgo I am, I thought I I am used to growing clones… I know they are females and there is no seed drama… sooooooo…I bought these from Dark Heart Nursery:

Black Jack and a Banana Mango

And then I honestly don’t have an excuse for this LOL

White Widow

OK, it’s not too far off… started with 2 and ended up with 9.

More coming!


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So here’s my setup… it’s underneath the house so it stays a little cooler.

2 - 4 X 4’s

Each tent has a Mars TSW2000 light, exhaust fans, 4 mini fans and 2 large fans… It gets hot here in NorCal. For the seedlings, I just used a cheap T2 light until they were strong enough for the real light on the lowest setting.

Each tent has InkBird controllers, hooked up to a heater (still chilly out here in March)

Inspector Geo making sure all is copacetic.

Here are the final 9 but something is wrong… just looked back through my journal… lost a few seedlings and dropped some others but it’s just too much to re journal it so here are my final plants.

DJBB2X - #1 and #3
ECSD #1 and #3
Acapulco Gold
Girl Scout Cookie (auto)
White Widow
Black Jack (clone)
Banana Mango (clone)

Fast forward to April 28… did someone call for a Solo Cup Challenge?? Heck yeah!!! So I dropped this Purple Punch (Auto)


Thanks @Lacewing! I love old photos!!!


Thanks Kap @kaptain3d! This is hopefully less boring than the long version LOL


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May 12 - The Acapulco Gold wasn’t doing well at all and after reading up on the strain they say they don’t do well inside.

She was stunted and had weird leaves… no bugs, checked ph and TDS runoff… everything looked good… but she didn’t look good at all.

So before I got my second tent it was getting really crowded in the tent so I bought a mini greenhouse to throw outside. I decided to put 3 outside for a potential outdoor grow (would be my first)

At this point hubby is building me a critter proof enclosed garden for them.

I put out the ECSD #1, the Acapulco Gold and the Girl Scout Cookie

This is a before and after of the Acapulco Gold (Inside vs outside in a matter of 3 days!


Wow. She responded very quickly! Gotta love good old Sol.

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Good Man …


I can’t really speak about indoor grows
But I am head over heels about the flavors of what I grew …never expected it to taste so good so I’m interested to hear eventually what your opinion is

I ended up really enjoying my outdoor grow! I had them all in 30 gallon wine barrels with tons of holes all over for drainage…


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May 28

Tent A

Tent B


I use the FF Trio, Cal/Mag, Epsom Salt, Recharge,Peruvian Gold Micro Builder, Insect Frass, Worm casting tea and other things for specific problems.