About to start growing GG

I’m about to start growing but I don’t know how much light and what temp and relative humidity to give the plants throughout their lives someone help please

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Here’s a great place to start: Growing Marijuana Basics: Guides, Info, & Walkthroughs


What size tent are u using lights ect. Do u have anything started yet or just looking to purchase things now??

For seedlings ur humidity should be around 60-80% and temp 75-80f the only thing thats goin to change is ur humidity through seedling stage and veg stage the temp stays the same basically now flower ur humidity will be around 50-55% maybe abit lower and ur temp will probably come down abit more 22-25 Celcius

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gg photos or auto?

I’m going to use 8x8, two spider farmer sf4000, 8inch inline fan from ac infinity and coco coir as a medium

Gg photos

Thanks so much🙏