About to start flowering, any tips opt tricks?

I was just wondering if there’s anything I should do befor or to transition in to flower ? I am
Im not new to growing , I just want to expand my knowledge and possibly learn some tricks . I love growing! I get so much joy out of this hobby it’s crazy . I know all the basics and I stopped feeding any nitrogen ferts . I am growing organic in performance organic soil amended with dr. Earth pure gold. My soil is great but still prob has a good amount of residual build up of ferts but like I said I don’t use any chemical ferts so I think I should be ok . I have now switched to flower fule which has almost no nitrogen and really high phosphorus and pot ash and also momentarily changes your ph to 5.8 or somthing which helps the plant obsorb more . And has other stuff geared towards flowering . I still put a spoonful of the 2-2-2 dr earth but that’s compared to a cup per gallon I was giving them . I like it for its michorriza and all the organisms it has in it not for the nitrogen but I dropped that to a spoon full to tint the water and the recommended dose of flower fule , and magical cal/mag . I just got s second light for flowering and these plants are beautiful! Healthy and happy . I also have the enhancer co2 bottle in my 4x4

Now does any one have any tricks to help me enter flower or to increase yield ??? Let me know!!!

During flower, you still need some nitrogen. Especially during the flowering stretch, you are going to want grow and bloom nutrients. Hope that helps

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  1. have healthy, bug and disease free plants.!!!
  2. maximize the number of tops uniformly across the coverage area.!
  3. only let the top 18" of the plants bud,
    remove the bud sites from there down. (lollipop, but keep the fan leaves)
  4. wash off the ‘organic soil’ and stick em in a RDWC or drip system.! LOL
  5. at the first sign of the stretch ending and pistols starting to form,
    drain the system and start em on bloom nutes.

use good to great lighting in flower.!!
light = plant fuel = bud fuel

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#slowoldguy I got a nice quantum board set up (almost 400 leds 200 Samsung 2700k and 200 Samsung 6500k and a viparspectra par600 , the quantum board has crazy penitration. I had to move my plants because they got to big when I went on vacation for 5 days , I just transplanted a week befor and bam they grew a foot in 6 days .