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Have levels for Gold Leaf and the Auto Cheese been tested for CBD levels?
I’ve seen various sites posting differences with regard to Cheese Auto, sometimes referring to it as ‘auto cheese cbd’. Some sites mentioning auto cheese as moderately high in THC, though low in CBD. Some as modest ly low THC, high CBD.
I have friends in Michigan USA, recently went legal, looking at growing both and looking at the CBD levels for arthritis relief.

Basically it’s use for pain control. Recently found that marijuana is said to be a fantastic muscle relaxant. The only thing spreading faster than CBD appears to be confusion over what exactly it is and who it’s for. Scientists have isolated CBD 108 different types as the cannabis plant comes in many different varieties. Cannabis that contains higher levels of THC is now listed as “marijuana” and remains a Schedule I drug. If a CBD product comes from a hemp plant, it’s legal; if it comes from a marijuana plant, it’s federally illegal.