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My humidity is 31 in my grow closet any suggestions to raising it

If you r in veg you can spray "mist"your plants with water periodically. Flower cycle doesn’t require as much humidity.

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What about during first week of drying process with temp and humidity . I’m at 71degrees f and 43 average humidity. And my buds are not trimmed . I left the leaves to dry slower and the leaves help suck moisture out and other reasons like mold and dust . just not sure how to get correct humidity so I don’t dry to quickly ?

Got me there, I trim first then put 'em in paper bags.

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Hey, I tried something new this time and won’t do it any other way now. I trimmed while still on the stick,(I left each branch long to save space) then hung like that for three or for days around 50% humidity, then snipped from the stick into jars. I had to burp only a few times. The buds are very tasty, right up to the last very tasty puff.


My room is very hot and low humidity, I suggest what @Rauppstar12 said with the misting your plants. I do it 5x every other day, just because it is so hot in my room.

[Lighting – Arlo Night vision Camera]

OK. Very New Guy here…First time on any forum as well as novice grower.
I have no idea how to post. Hopefully this goes well. Please forgive (and guide) me if there is a better way to post.

The Arlo security cameras put out 850 nm wavelength of Infrared light when the night vision is activated. Is that wavelength and the 20-30 seconds it is on to check a movement enough to kick the plants into stressing to the level of hermaphroditing?

It’s possible, yes.

Here’s how far red light works:



Flower development:


…just keep in mind that cannabis is normally a diecious plant (male or female), meaning only limited class of genes develop out of leaves.

I am brand new to growing. The pictures below show my plants currently. They are at 1 month and started at seed. I am concerned about their size, can anyone let me know if I am on the right track?

how do i post a new topic?

First of all - “Environmental” only has 1 letter “A” in it

But what hazedreamnky showed is kind of like what I have going on with some Blue Haze girls, that seems to have been caused by soil issues

AVOID STA-GREEN, because it has a slow release fertilizer in it (natural or not).
NEVER over fertilize

and before anything else, make sure your soil is slightly acid (6.5 or so)
Most garden soil is purposely made a bit alkaline, typically 7 or above

Also check the water you use for correct PH

  • it is possible to add lemon juice to the water to correct it

Is this how i post a new question?

This is happening to my plants
I planted them on the 13 November 2018. It is Gold leaf (or possibly White Widow, there was a mix up).
The have seemed healthy and only recently have deteriorated to this. I’ve checked the Ph and it’s in the prescribed range.
So, they are 4 months old and have been growing outdoors in Queensland Australia. Should I be concerned about the browning leaves or is that usual?
Also, this plant is only 300mm (1foot) tall after 4 months. Is that normal? It doesn’t seem to be big enough, for her age.
This is my first attempt at growing and this was the last seed or 20 ordered. All others had the same(seemingly) stunted growth and all died, at about the 6 month mark.

not to be pedantic! but why is environmental misspelled as “environmenatal”? mistake? inside joke? govt conspiracy? @latewood

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Environmental surrounding on a farm. Cross-pollination

So I’m a first time grower. I live in the country with no neighbors. It’s the PERFECT set-up except for one thing. Wild hemp all around.
My question is if I have my plants in one of my out buildings, what is the likelihood of it getting pollinated by several male plants less then half a mile away? The she’d is a big metal outbuilding with sky lights, like a greenhouse. But it’s not air tight. There are a couple small holes on one wall that air can easily get in. I’m so worried about it pollinated by them damn males. Lol
Help a newb out!
Thanks in advance

I already have plants growing but iam switching nutrients what time scale do I use the one I already have or start over

First time grower. I have 1 plant and have a wonderful grow spot outside but what do I do on cloudy days and rainy. She is just a seedling and just sprouting her 1st little leafs. Do I need a light? ( recommendation on brands) Will it damage it to go back and forth to outdoor light then artificial? Also, I read it’s best for it to get 18hours of light for the 1st month. It’s winter here and it only gets 12 hour of daylight. Can I just put it under the light for the extra 6hours?

I am at the same level of you ,also a beginner,would be interesting to know how you get on ,