About the Bud of the Year category

This category is to recognize all the great growers throughout the year that participated and won the Bud of the Month contest and to vote on the best of the best for the year to determine ILGM’s Bud of the Year!


I believe that the competitions should also include people that dont use ilgm seeds because either they cant get them due to postage problems or they just dont send to there place of origin i believe its unfair to alot of people on this site it should be a fair go for everyone dont you think

It won’t happen so give up. Need to have a friend purchase them for u and do hand exchange or mail exchange with that person. It’s been spoke of before and won’t happen. If u wanna enter the comps u have to purchase the seeds plain and simple. Happy new years to all by the way. Tezza it’s been asked multiple times before and this is exactly what becomes of it. Sorry buddy

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Happy New Year’s @Mark0427 have a good one mate im just putting across my fews bro thats all

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I feel ya. It’s been asked about 10 times I can think of lol. Always the answer of have a friend purchase and send to u it sucks but if ya wanna enter u’ll find someone sending from here to there tho I would believe would require to send a souvenir so the seeds don’t get confiscated at the borders. It will def cost a bit more for u to be able to enter these contests but it is certainly doable

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