Bud of the month rules


In order to show our appreciation for our Seed bank Customers; We here at ILGM would like to invite you to participate in a monthly contest! :trophy:

This contest is open to confirmed purchasers of seeds from our company, who are located in The U.S.
We are sorry to limit the prize to just the U.S., but due to many issues shipping to Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and a deal in the works for Canada. We can no longer ship anywhere but, the U.S.

To enter: You must show a picture of one awesome bud image from a plant grown from seeds purchased from ILGM Seed bank.
No ILGM staff member, past or present will be allowed to enter the BOM contest.

  1. Entries will open approximately the 7th of each month, until approx. 2 weeks. To enter: Make a post in the current “Bud” of the month Contest, by the deadline posted each month. Post the name of the ILGM strain you are growing, or have grown and your order number. Upload a great picture of your favorite bud. :seedling:

  2. Entries will close at Midnight of the deadline posted. We will build a poll and all members, and staff are allowed to vote. Vote for the “Bud” you love. :green_heart:

  3. There will only be 1 vote per IP address or household allowed.

  4. The “Bud” of the Month winner will receive a packet of 5 seeds from the ILGM Seed bank. Any strain. (U.S. only)

Did you win the BOM contest? Congrats! :partying_face: @AfgVet will send you a PM about your prize!
All Q and A regarding the contest should be directed @AfgVet . You can also use the BOM Chat thread to have questions answered about the contest.

  1. You cannot win 2 months in a row. If you win, then you have to wait one month to enter again. If you win a 2nd time, you must wait 2 months to enter again. If you win a 3rd time; You are retired to the BOM Hall of Fame. I think this is fair and a member can still win multiple times.

5a. In order to re-enter ILGM Bud of the month contest; Winners must enter an entirely different plant and strain in order to be considered for prizes in future contests.

We cannot wait to see all the great pictures of your successful grows using Robert’s Seeds! :smiley:

Have a great day and as always; Happy growing! :seedling:


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My plant is a super skunk auto. It is real close to harvest. Very very rewarding plant to grow as a beginner.


Welcome to this great place


Real close as in like another month or close prolly?? Looks nice but has some time still.


Picked up some blueberry autoflowers. Order number: 2533325 she’s not ready yet, but wow. Massive buds. So much color!


@Prilyfe13 You need to post this in the October BOM
Post it here! :point_down:

Thanks! I figured that out yesterday. Lol. Whoops


That’s a pretty bud …

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GG4 auto day 105 :slight_smile:


2022 outdoor grow


Thats Beautiful


You lost? Pss. This way man, i know the backway


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Am i on the wrong site the yr says 2022 ?

You need to post that entry to the actual BOM thread for April.


Already did :+1:


I got you @Skinney37


Thanks for the help, I’ll figure out how to work this site soon, i feel like I’m missing alot of good info, thanks again.


You’ll get the hang of it. I learn new stuff all the time lol