About cross breeding

I have a serious question I need to ask. I think I’ve found a good Afghani strain so I can hopefully recreate a strain called Tora Bora.

Problem I have is I can’t find both strains in regular seeds. So…can you take an auto flower and pollinate the flowers with pollen from a male plant?

I’m guessing it won’t work but I’m not out anything asking before pulling the trigger.

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Short answer is yes.
Longer answer is still yes, but you don’t know if the off spring will be an autoflower, or photoperiod and which genes will be dominant.
You can find regulars, you’ll just have to a little more searching. Can’t link competitor websites, otherwise I would end you directly to them. But I assure you they exist.

Thanks for the input @Covertgrower. I did find it from the company that makes it. They just don’t make Tora Bora no more.

I k ow the odds are 50/50 for either male or female plants. I’ve never dealt with regular seeds. If I buy 6 reg seeds of both parent strains, I should get at least 1 male and 1 female hopefully.

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Well it don’t matter as the one that does have it won’t ship to the USA. Oh well…the search for a killer CBD strain continues.


If you are serious about breeding this strain, you would want to start with minimum 20 seeds of each. Simply getting one male will not guarantee the phenotype you want. You need to pheno hunt and do selective breeding, not just using the one male or female you happened to get from a 6 pack of seeds.


@AAA Thanks for the reply. I can’t get the one seed I need because they don’t ship to the USA. I do understand about genetics.

I’ll keep searching to see if anyone will ship the one strain to the USA because if I can, game on.

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@MrPeat therealseedcompany has them


@AAA Here is a huge Fatman thanks. Bear Hug

I just placed an order with them. I checked to see if they had Tora Bora and so I purchased those seeds. As this is the strain I love over all others I’ve smoked. I wish I would have kept track of the 100+ strains I’ve fired up.

For me Tora Bora > than anything else I’ve smoked to help get me a body high I need dearly. They say they don’t ship to the USA so we will see if they do.


@MrPeat I just acted like I was ordering and went as far as getting to cc detail input and did not get a notice about shipping to the US.

Did you get the notice post CC detail input?

@AAA I was able to place the order and the money has already been taken out. If you go to their home page and scroll to the bottom that is where they put the disclaimer about not sending it to the USA.

One other site I found that had the X18 Pure Pakistani seeds on the selection of which country to send to doesn’t have the USA as an option. The site you linked does have USA as an option.

Worst case scenario is if they don’t send the seeds all I have to do is put a claim through my bank and I’ll get the money back.

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Sounds solid to me. The $ amount was in pounds, so I figured no problem. Please let me know how it turns out!

@AAA Will do…they probably will process the order and send the seeds. At least i hope so. The one downside is it doesn’t say if the seeds are regular, auto or photoperiod. Auto is not an option from the places I’ve seen.

So it will either be regular or photo. I’m guessing photo.

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@MrPeat. Just to clarify, the choices would be regular vs feminized and photo vs auto!

Just read the description again. Based on no mention, I am guessing they are regular photoperiod seeds, otherwise they would have specified.

Plus they are calling them Landrace and saying the seeds were collected from farmers, another clue.

@AAA I’ve only bought fem seeds so if they do send, I’ll bank on regular seeds.

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You are hoping if you want to keep the strain alive!

Yes I do want to keep it in growing at all times. I fell in love with this strain. It had up to a 15 minute head high and then all of a sudden I felt this wonderful wave going from my head down to my toes. It took my pain away from my neck, shoulders, Lumbar spine, hips and down.

My Mom tried it and loved it as she didn’t like a head high. We drove to Colorado to get some more and it was already discontinued and my trip and the trip with mom was like 4 months apart.

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Cool. Once you make some seeds you will be rolling!

Yup…if I get them I will definitely make it so I can have it growing all the time. Even if I have to put up another tent, I will do so.

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@AAA An update…they processed my order. Looks like it will be shipped after all. :+1::+1::+1:

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