A update and looking for tips and suggestions just flip to 12/12

Ok I finally got the nerves up to flip the girls but I think I let them get to big for my tent. Couple questions should I take out the big rotating fan and just go with 4 (6" fans) with just the 4 fans the temp gets to around 81 to 84 degrees with rotating fan temp is around 75 to 78. My girls are packed in. Here is a pic

I’m also confused should I lollypop scrog or just let them go they are bushy should I trim some of the bottom inside leaf’s?

And tips advice or just need to scream at me cause I’m doing something terribly wrong it’s welcomed.

Here is some pics Cherry AK

Daunte some how half her branches died when I was late with the water.


Dbl sour smh had company at the crib all day on the 4th and didn’t get to water the girls and this is the result smh hope she makes a comeback she is nice a lot bigger then she looking now.

O and feeding Armor si, connoisseur a&b, B-52(in week 3) and cal-mag. Every other day about 1.25 gallons at 50% strength on the nutes. I water after 2 feedings with cal-mag and armor si. so it’s nutes nutes water nutes nutes water.

Lmao can you tell it’s my first go around lol I’m reading talking to my guy at the hydroponics store and this group has been my go-to I thank you all.

@WickedAle how do they look any tips advice help lol

You just flipped these? I hope you have some really high ceilings, they are going to be monsters


I would remove the big rotating fan and make room when you flip they could possibly double in size. I agree with watt sun nice plants they are going to be monster. Good luck finishing up.

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Smh that’s what I’m scared of don’t know what to do my tent is only 6’ tall. I should have flipped them a long time ago.

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You could always buy a. Taller tent they’re not that expensive. And you may still end up pulling some Limbs and tying them down.

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Is finishing them outdoors a possibility? I flipped mine at 12” and they are finishing at over 4 ft tall and 3ft wide.


Outside not possible @kellydans I thought about a bigger tent but my ceiling is only maybe a foot taller thinking about moving them to the garage but the temp gets way to hot would need to add a cooler. LMBO my living room ceiling is hight enough but don’t think that would look to stealth when company comes by.

You’re certainly in a tough spot here. Like @kellydans suggested, tie them down the best you can and hope for the best. Good luck


I would go for it 12 inches is a good amount of distance. I have about 1 inch between ceiling and top of tent. You can also maybe make a couple adjustments on The riggin on the lights use shorter cables. I just went from bungee cords to tie wraps and gained about 3 inchs on hanging exhaust fan in top of tent. Good luck you’re in a tough spot.

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Maybe SCROG net will help keep the height problem at bay


Yep. You could go in and crop them all sideways. Introduce some netting. And get to scrogging.

Or you could buy 30-40 1 gallons pots. Cut a thousand clones. Root them then flip them all to 12/12 at once :joy:


:boom::eyes::dizzy::100: wow right

Looks like super cropping is in order.

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