A soil mix

how much perlite to soil is a good mix.and if using sand wot type of sand is good.
thanks to any one who can help

Since you are so new I do not recommend mixing your own soil mix. An off the shelf moisture control soil made by miracle grow or scott’s is probably your best bet. There is a whole lot to learn and you don’t need to complicate the process of getting balanced nutrients to your plant. No matter the original soil mix, you will need to add nutrients to the water you give the plant later on down the road, especially during flowering.

thanks for that i am gonna use an all mix soil i thought i could just add a bit of perlite to the soil just to help the drainedge or even sand is that a bad idea.im gonna be using an light mix to start how long shall i use that b4 i use the all mix.also i was thinking of just using water for the first two weeks then maybe use half strenth nutreaints for another week or so then to full strenth is that ok do you think.sorry to ask so much but i just dont know if im understanding it all properly i realy do aprecaite your help

Yes you can add perlite or sand to a premix to get better drainage but be careful then not to have your plant dry out too quickly.

cool thanks.so im not gonna transplant im just gonna use the pot i finish in.shall i not bother with the light mix soil and just use the all mix.

Use perlite, over sand.

I have to say; when I started growing; I mixed my own soil mix. There is nothing wrong with wanting to learn from scratch. It is not that hard.

I am not a fan of using Miracle grow, because you never know exactly how much of one mineral or another will be too available; Or not available enough; Especially, if you are adding commercial nutrients.

If you want to make a soil mix.
Get a bag of ProMix BX,
Get some bags of sterile soil. (Dirt)
Get some extra perlite…

This is all you need to make a good soil mix, and be able to add a nutrient blend throughout your grow.

If you want to just buy a bag of potting soil; Add a 1/3 of perlite, for excellent drainage

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