Sunshine Mix, Pro Mix?

Has anyone used Sunshine Mix or Pro Mix from Home Depot?

hey spectrum. I use it all the time in my outside garden, as i live in the desert where my soil is really alki, good stuff, either one, I grab the one with myco in it

I merged your 2 similar topics, in order to keep all your info in one place. Just above B.Buzzard was referring to the Sunshine, or Pro Mix.

I use Pro Mix BX It is a peat mixture used my commercial nurseries. I never tried Sunshine mix…Who makes it? I make my own soil generally, but when I am forced to go to a garden store; I have been using Miracle Grow “Organic Choice” I add Rainbow Mix, and nutrients when inducing flower photo period.

Good Luck and Happy growing

my bad, sometimes I confuse people, it is the #4 sunshine with the myco good stuff.

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Thanks all!

Can anyone offer a good indoor soil mixture? Specifically, a good potting soil brand, how many parts vermiculite or pearlite, etc. Thanks.

I’ve been using FoxFarms Ocean Forest. I add 1 part perlite to 3 parts soil. I don’t add nutes until flower. I started with pots the size of cat litter containers. (the ones you buy full of cat litter.) This time, I went with 3 gallon pots.

Other than Price, I’m pleased.

Get the soil composition info here.


i’m using #4 sunshine mix,working good so far…i did mix clay pellets with mine and the plants seem to like it ok.
here are a few questions i have for the more experienced cultivators using this medium,and the pros;
#1i have been using the drain to waste method watering and applying nutrients until some just starts to seep from pot,but not really enough to test runnoff. should i let more drain ?
#2 i’m growing autos[bluberry,am.haze,and ak-47] what is my optimal ph range? i have been running 5.5-6.0
#3 if i do need to check run off,what ph and ppm should show up[using a light dose of nutes now 750ppm tops]
#4i also have some older plants,been saving these seeds for over ten years now,not sure what strain they are ,but i do remember the buds theycame from were awesome! they germed and are doing well using the same ph as autos,same method. one of wich has an extra finger on one fan leaf. is this common?
everything is going good in my eyes,but would like the critique from others growing this way,and of course the pros!