A second time grow here and psyched

I am wondering if anyone has any experience with heated rosin presses. I am looking at this one here.
I do not know how much use I will get out of it but I do like to vape and I have been making my own vape juice with shatter and a product called wax liquidizer to give it a bit of viscosity and the ability to make a cloud. Anyway I am thinking about getting that press there to make my own shatter.

So far the girls look good.

They are already poking roots out of the bottom of the tray which means they will be ready to transfer very soon. I think I will probably transplant the Cherry Pie tomorrow. They are the ones that already are looking outside of their container for nutrients and water.

Also I am wondering if any of you have had any experience with these three strains and especially if done outdoors but any experience would be helpful. I am using Fox Farm Ocean Forest for soil this time.


The plants look good and your friends are really lucky!!

Reading those posts got me thinking about spring man. Thanks for that!

No experience with presses… sorry I can’t help.

It has been a few days. They all look fairly good. I do have an addition to the group. Number 14 is a GCSE and she looks sorry but well I have a very long time before they can go outside why give up on the runt. Sometimes it could just be a very potent one when it all comes down to it.

On average it is going along as expected though. Cherry pie being the first to sprout have a leg up on the others. A couple of WDC are trying to make a run.

This little guy is starting slow as well but still appears to be wanting to live.


My only real runt turned out to be a champ of a plant!! I gave her about 8 weeks outside and brought her back in to flower and I’m losing my mind not to smoke that last little bit…

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That is kind of what I heard. With the length of time before I put them outside it they might not even show. I am really kind of impressed about the Cherry Pie. They seem to be ready to rock and roll. I can’t wait to see if I can get some purple colors out of these three strains.


So decided to put together my starter tent. Felt bad that the plants kept wanting to curl the leaves up towards the lights. I know it will happen for a bit anyway but I should just have enough room for these until spring. What ya’ll think?


That tent is going to be full!!! Looking good. How far is the light from the plants?

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@jetlag right now about 18 inches. Lots of room for all of them until I can start dragging them outside or hand them off to my friends. These are not staying here for ever. Funny story about this. I bought it when I first started growing. I didn’t realize until I started learning about my seeds that I realized my indoor grow of a plant that was destined to be 8 feet tall I bought a 4x4x8. But then I moved them outside to grow while I took a trip to S Korea.

That is funny. Curious to see how fast they grow

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I expect that they will grow to about 18 inches tall before they get transplanted. Right now they are only just over 10 days old. Not bad for an old retired guy in his basement.

Taking notes and learning

I’m no genius on this. Mostly it is let them have light and water but it does start with good soil. I am using Fox Farm Ocean Forest for this grow. Looks like these plants love it.

My first 2 grows I used HF and OF 50/50 with the OF in the bottom half of the bags. My super duper scientific theory was to let the roots grow into the OF, as it is a bit hotter than the HF. I had issues with the grows later, mostly related to me being totally new at this, and temps in the greenhouse of 100+F

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I plan to put a decent amount of worm poop in the pots at the final transplant along with a bit more perlite because they are going into fabric pots outside this summer. I can understand why you had issues with temps over 100 in an enclosed space can cook these guys but put them in open sun and they just love it.

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I have a few WW photo seeds left as well as a few Gold leaf. I may plant a couple outside near the woods this summer

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The tall plant you see in this picture by the little old lady (my mother in law) grown in full sun is a Durban Poison. If you want to grow some really good weed outdoors with little to no problems than Durban is your choice. I screwed that plant up and still got over a pound of bud.


Every time I see this photo,
it brings a smile to my face, one day I’ll be able to grow outdoors :crossed_fingers:
Great start to this round, things look promising :v:


A day dream!!

Me too. More so because my MIL is a card. She is 86 and gets around just fine. She is singularly responsible for the gardens around my yard and I recognize that. Yes I hope that someday everyone can grow their own. It should be allowed as well as having the stores we do that sell cannabis products. Eventually it will happen. There was a time in my life when cannabis was not against the law and it is finally changing back around.

I am a little concerned about the size of the pots they are in so I bought some slightly larger ones. I will probably be transplanting them to those in a week or two. I am just waiting for more root structure so that the transplant will go a little smoother.


That is fantastic, both the plant and your mother in law. She’s out there working it, lol. I may prepare a spot with HF and OF and stick them in the ground. My 3 WW last summer were almost as tall in measly 5Gal bags, but is I said earlier, I was new and learning. Here is a link to the journal if interested. By the way, I still have one alive in the bag no less. A long story but finally in flower but will probably not make much.

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